Chocolate Caramel Slice using...

n.c, Jun 3, 2:51am
A time of caramel instead of making it yourself.

My question is this... do you need to add anything else? Or do you just heat it and put on the base?


245sam, Jun 3, 3:10am
n. c. - I'm assuming that "A time of caramel" = a tin or can of caramel - i. e. Highlander Caramel? ?

There used to be a recipe on the inside of the can wrapper for Caramel Slice, using... . obviously, the Highlander caramel and that recipe states "Stir caramel until smooth, then spread over the base" - there is no mention at all of heating the caramel before it is spread over the partly cooked base, and the whole can of caramel is all that is in the recipe for the caramel layer which is then topped with a layer of melted chocolate.

Hope that helps. :-))

cookessentials, Jun 3, 3:11am
I have only ever made my own which is very easy. I would think that you only need heat the can and then pour over the base. There may be someone here that has used it in this way who can help. So long as you have a tin of condesed milk, butter and golden syrup, yu can make it yourself pretty quickly.

n.c, Jun 3, 3:13am
Yes sorry - a tine of higlander caramel.

So... would you partly bake the base, put the caramel on then cook some more... my tin doesnt have a recipe on it and I cant find one anywhere using the premade caramel.

Thanks again.

245sam, Jun 3, 3:21am
n. c. as I indicated in #2 - yes, the base is partly baked (for 10-12 minutes), then it is topped with the UNheated caramel and baked for a further 10 minutes.

The base is
1½ cups flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ cup brown sugar
125g butter, melted

The above quantities are from the Nestle Caramel's can wrapper.


n.c, Jun 3, 3:40am
Oh wow! Thanks heaps!

lespat, Jun 3, 5:06am
Do you have the complete go to wo recipe?

nienna_vamp, Jun 3, 5:10am
Alexa Johnston has a pretty yummy recipe! ! !

winnie15, Jun 3, 9:05am
Caramel Slice
2 cups flour, 1/4 cup icing sugar, 4 T cocoa, 250g butter melted, tin caramel condensed milk
Sift dry ingrediants and add melted butter.
Press approx 2/3rds of this mixture into a smallish sponge roll tin and spread caramel over. .
Crumble remaining mix over the top and press lightly. Bake 180 approx 25 mins

I haven't made this . . this is copied and pasted ffrom a different site.

n.c, Jun 3, 9:32am
I have made it... will see how it goes. Thanks for all the replies. The Alexa Johnston one looks delish! Might try that one day.

winnie15, Jun 5, 3:56am
how did it turn out ?

blanche16, Jul 11, 2:59am
This recipe 4 our base soundz easy & yummie thanx.

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