Xmas picnic ideas please

carter19, Dec 5, 4:55am
We have decided to collect Mum from her rest home and go to a local park with a picnic lunch. Before Suggesting I take her home, she will want to leave as soon as we get there as she has Alzheimers and gets antsy very quickly. I'd like to have something hot and cold stuff but I need some ideas on how to keep it hot as well as ideas for food. There will only be 4 of us.

petal1955, Dec 5, 5:18am
Well something cooked in a crock pot will keep hot for a long while. turn the CP off just before leaving. Bacon and Egg Pie is good or perhaps some nice club sandwiches something you mother can handle and eat by herself.Make trifle in individuals dishes or heavy bottom wine glasses

carter19, Dec 5, 6:13am
Thats a good idea especially as we are only 40 minutes from her. Never gave the CP a thought. I just want to make it special for her even if she wont remember, I will. The resthome does feed them but its not xmas fare on xmas day as theres only a skeleton staff on. They do however have a "do" thenweek before that all family and friends can come for. They do a great job.

asue, Dec 5, 6:19am
Warm up crock pot, put cooked meat in sliced, new potatoes, other veg carefully or use food thermos for them. Wrap carefully newspaper, towels into chilly bag or box. Take salads, nibbles, individual puddings cool packed. Nice xmas paper plates tablecloth etc. Enjoy.

sherrydog, Nov 27, 1:46am
How about a cooked chicken? Pull apart before you go. Some nice salads, cooked new potatoes in a chilly bin and a trifle/fruit salad/pav with fruit salad for dessert. Can serve with sparking fruit juice if wine isn't an option.

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