Damaged silver cutlery - any ideas how to treat?

dinkypinky, Aug 14, 10:45pm
Not sure what thread to post this in so thought I could try Recipes!

I have totally ruined our silver cutlery (received as a wedding gift many years ago). The old dishwasher didn't affect it at all - but our new dishwasher where we use the tablets and not the powder has made a real mess of the cutlery. Looks dull, grey/black in parts and even has some marks that look like rust. My husband says it is past using silvo type product on it. any ideas if it can be brought back to life? Lesson learnt - hand wash silver only! TIA

blueviking, Aug 14, 11:49pm
Have used Rodd silver for years. Put in dishwasher daily. used satchets and tablets. Still sparkly silver. Try a different brand and see if that works.

retired, Aug 15, 12:11am
Hi, I have had silver plated articles replated/dipped but not sure about cutlery.

valentino, Aug 15, 12:35am
I use to have a good size Silver Ring that constantly turned Black or a dull grey/black and was due to me sweating a lot.

To rid of it was always into hand dish liquid hot water combination with some good rubbing, some polish stuff worked too and have used 'Silvo" with very good success, not Brasso as that was too severe.

Hopes this Helps, Cheers.

valentino, Aug 15, 12:40am
Have a look at this Link, it also works but you need to make bigger mix and use a large Aluminium Saucepan perhaps.



buzzy110, Aug 15, 12:57am
Some good suggestion by valentino.

I get excellent results polishing up heavily tarnished plated silverware using a silver cloth or silver cleaner. Have you tried the commercial products yet? They are not particularly expensive.

dinkypinky, Aug 15, 4:19am
many thanks for all of these ideas. doesn't sound all is lost!

kirmag, Jan 6, 8:11am
Line a bowl with tin foil, spinkle in some salt (a decent amount on the bottom) and then pour in boiling water. Put in your silver. Leave in there for a good 10-20 mins. Longer if needed. Dry, and then polish with one of those blue silver cloth things.

That's how I have always cleaned my silver jewellery, works well.

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