Feijoa Jam

bubbles22222, Apr 22, 1:28am
Anyone have a successful recipe. thanks in advance

flier3, Apr 22, 4:53am
Here's one that looks really easy to make. Good luck - love feijoa jam but have never made it myself.

flier3, Apr 22, 4:55am

lilyfield, Apr 22, 5:06am
like any jam equal weight of sugar to fruit. peel and all through kitchenwhizz, then weigh the pulp. sets very quickly.

wheelz, Apr 23, 2:57am
I've just made 2 batches of Feijoa jelly. perfume, taste and colour is fabulous.
I dislike the " gritty" feel of the jam.

marcs, Apr 23, 4:55am
I made booth jam and fruit paste last year. No one will eat it. It tastes gritty.

wheelz, Apr 24, 3:02am
That's why I make jelly not jam. For a paste, I'd do a thicker jelly.

sarahb5, Apr 28, 2:24am
Do you scoop out the flesh or actually peel them? Is the fruit weight after peeling or scooping? I’ve never made jam before but have a recipe for feijoa and ginger that seems easy enough.

bubbles22222, May 13, 11:43pm
Yesterday i made this feijoa jam receipe and as much as what i'm a sugar lover. omg this was far too sweet.

nauru, Sep 23, 11:53am
Feijoa and ginger is a great combination, I love ginger with anything. I scoop out the flesh of feijoas for both jam and relish and weigh that, just my preference.

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