korbo, Oct 3, 7:58am
With the price of butter, baking is now,. what uses the least butter.
Been wondering, what alternative could you use?
Like. can you use those cheap table spreads, or are you better off using say, Medowlea Buttery.

wendalls, Oct 3, 8:02am
I dunno but after buying mainland for ages because someone said it was better, I bought one of the cheaper ones and boy did it go rancid quickly in it's no foil packaging. Never again. can keep mainland in the pantry for ages and it doesn't go off. Mind you I hope that doesn't mean it has preservatives in it.

meoldchina, Oct 3, 9:13am
I have used the cheaper table spreads for cake-baking and in my bread maker without an ill-effects. Have you thought about making your own butter from cream?

lythande1, Oct 3, 7:17pm
I don't. Butter is butter, I just buy the cheapest brand

jan2242, Oct 3, 10:27pm
You need to look at the labels as some add water. Don't ask which brands as I can't remember but it could be those that go rancid?

dibble35, Oct 4, 4:09am
I bought the Pams? brand one from Pak n save cause it was the cheapest, I did compare the ingredient %'s on the back to another more expensive one (possibly mainland? ) and it was all exactly the same. Its gotten so expensive lately hasnt it. I made my own spreadable butter again as I cant afford to buy the Mainland buttersoft spreadable any more at $8 a pack. I noticed milks gone up as well a couple of times over the last few months.

fifie, Oct 4, 4:25am
Has anyone tried this from here? It was doing the rounds last time Butter prices went sky high.
Spreadable Butter.
500g soft real butter
200ml sunflower oil or olive oil
The sunflower oil contains less cholesterol than olive oil.
200ml cold tap water
Put the soft butter in a mixing bowl and mix till it is a soft consistency. Add slowly the oil mixing on a medium to high speed all the time. Then add the water and lower the speed otherwise it will splash around. After a while the water has emulsified with the butter and oil and you can get the speed up again. Store in glass jars or margarine containers.
This spreadable butter only takes about 10 minutes to make and tastes like butter.

dibble35, Oct 4, 5:56am
I've made that one in the past, it is fine. The last batch I made I just used 1 part butter to 3/4 part light olive oil, mixed it with a hand mixer, and its very soft and spreadable. I want to try using avocado oil instead of olive oil in the next batch. You can use any mild tasting oil instead - personal choice but i'm no longer using canola, or ricebran oils.

jubre, Oct 4, 8:38am
They were talking on TV about the price if butter increasing all around the world. It was mentioned that because everyone is switching back to dark blue top, full cream milk nowadays, there is a lack of the cream that they used to take off the full cream milk previously, to turn into butter.

redhead96, Oct 6, 3:14am
you have to wonder if it is a ploy, there might be some panic buying for some.
Maybe they should limit the amount of full cream milk you can always add cream to your milk than take it out.

huntlygirl, Oct 6, 6:02am
l get butter at the dairy for $4, Anchor.

punkinthefirst, Dec 19, 6:56am
Butter is fat churned from cream. Sweet butter is churned from fresh cream, Cultured butter is churned from cream which has been left to "ripen" a bit, sometimes with a culture added first. The buttermilk is drained off, then the butter is washed thoroughly in many changes of water. Sometimes it is salted, sometimes not. The reason you will find water listed as one of the ingredients is that it is almost impossible to get all of the water out of the butter after it is washed, unless you heat it and turn it into ghee. Butter picks up "off" flavours easily,, sometimes from the feed that the cows are ingesting, or it may not have been washed properly. And yes, there is a worldwide shortage of butter, because we have been told it is not as bad for your health as previously thought, and most of us prefer it to margarine.
For everyday baking, plain margarine is fine. Just don't use the "lite" versions = they have water and other additives whipped into them to reduce the calorie load.

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