Says 150grams butter how many TBS marge ??

paghan, Jan 20, 3:15am

valentino, Jan 20, 3:40am
Best to use Kitchen Scales.

150 grams is a fair bit if trying to use tablespoon equivalent, could be up to 15 very level spoonfuls and if it is that figure then if one gave it a slight heaped then one will go over that figure quite easily especiall a fraction each time could end up putting more in than required, (personally butter is better than margarine).

A tub will have a measure on it, be easier to calculate from that tub measure.


juliewn, Jan 20, 11:49am
Using a knife tip, mark the top of the margarine across the tub into 10 even sized strips.. each will be 50gms - so you can then cut out 3 of them to equal 150gms.. use the knife to cut down so you get the margarine out for the whole part you've marked.

kizilbaby, Jan 20, 3:56pm
2 table spoons = 30grams

valentino, Jan 20, 8:53pm
Yes, I should had noted Desert spoons x 15.

Tablespoon is 10 times.


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