Rhubarb and strawberry jam

samanya, Dec 31, 9:28pm
I make it & this is the recipe I use, but I cut back on the sugar a bit as I prefer the tartness. When I use frozen strawberries, I increase the flour just a little & I often don't bother with the pastry topping.

vomo2, Dec 31, 4:29am
With strawberries in season, this is a lovely jam. Just add as much rhubarb as you want to your normal recipe. It takes the sweetness off the jam.

samanya, Dec 31, 5:27am
I love the combination of rhubarb & strawberries . somehow the rhubarb seems to take on the strawberry flavour & when I've made this jam I can't taste the rhubarb, only the strawberries.

nauru, Dec 31, 6:17am
Rhubarb and raspberry is very nice combo too. I often cook up rhubarb then add frozen raspberries to it, it makes a great topping to have with yoghurt or muesli.

brouser3, Jan 16, 6:55am
I recently had a piece of strawberry and rhubarb pie. Seemed a weird combination but YUUUUM. Now if I can only perfect the recipie at home .