Cream Cheese Frosting Help

monty4ever, May 8, 10:58pm
I struggle to make cream cheese frosting like on the shop bought cakes. Mine always goes runny. I don't use the light cream cheese either. Is one brand better than others ie less liquid in the cream cheese?
My cakes turn out delicious but the icing on the top is blah :(

mutley83, May 8, 11:46pm
When I have made it in the past I always use Philadelphia cream cheese (the block one) if that is any help. There is a fair amount of icing sugar that goes into it and I think from memory the more you beat it the runnier it seems to go. I had a feeling I put the last lot in the fridge for a while before putting it on the cake.

sellontrademe, May 9, 12:03am
don't over soften the butter, definitely use philadelphia cream cheese full fat, should work

monty4ever, May 9, 7:03pm
Thanks - will give Philly a try

aktow, Sep 24, 1:59am
you don't have to use philadelphia cream cheese because it makes no difference,, i use whatever regular cream cheese is on special, i just put the butter and cream cheese in a bowl and beat the crap out of it until it is creamy, then i add the icing sugar,, if the frosting is too runny then add more icing sugar,

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