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strowan1, Oct 16, 11:37pm
7.30 on Prime.

kaddiew, Oct 17, 12:07am
Ready and waiting

unknowndisorder, Oct 17, 1:44am
I will be watching to make sure the damn recorder records. But it should do, the hissy fit from yesterday got sorted (it sometimes tells me to "please wait" and then gets a kick in the guts and then refuses to do its job). Sheesh, technology.

But thanks for the reminder :)

unknowndisorder, Oct 17, 7:02am
Right, I am a total dick, I managed to have not set it up to record. But sorted for next week and thoroughly enjoying tonight's episode. (But where is Sue?) (hope I got the right one that I haven't seen yet).

strowan1, Oct 17, 8:07am
Not sure where Sue was tonight, but was wondering if we’d seen a bit too much of Mel? Was she expected to play a double role.
maybe? Felt sorry for one of the women contestants trying to stick her gingerbread building together and Mel getting in the way.
Felt the right person went home, what do others think? Those cream and jam filled biscuits looked delicious, were they melting moments, seemed to miss that.

unknowndisorder, Oct 17, 8:33am
Vienna swirls, I think they were called, but very much yummy melting moments to me.
As for who went home, it was pretty much a heads/tails decision between her and Val :)

sarahb5, Oct 17, 9:04am
We used to call them Viennese whirls - similar recipe to melting moments but piped

strowan1, Oct 17, 5:44pm
Thank you unknowndisorder and Sarah.
Was thinking I would give those a go, getting the consistency right seemed to be a challenge so it would actually pipe, but seemed well worth the effort as they looked so appetising. Will pass on the gingerbread houses tho, lol -
leave those for others with far more patience and creativity.

devonwrecked, Oct 17, 6:16pm
I was surprised how much trouble they had with the gingerbread houses. I have only ever made one in my life, but it went together like a dream. Must have been beginner's luck! Someone did comment that it was very humid, which might have affected the outcome, but Auckland is very humid and mine was perfect. Preens. I liked the "boat race" one. I thought it was more elegant than the "pub". Such talented people.

unknowndisorder, Oct 18, 6:54am
I have never made a gingerbread house, but eaten a bought one and it put me off. I am not a huge gingerbread fan to start with. I do get tempted to make one and then realise it is probably not something I could cope with (impatient much). ;) lol

unknowndisorder, Oct 24, 4:27am
Bump as a reminder :)

strowan1, Oct 24, 6:30am
Woohoo almost kick off time!

strowan1, Oct 24, 7:58am
Tricky challenges tonight, the loaves, buns etc looked great until cut into and such disappointment to hear those words ‘undercooked’ or ‘raw’. Thought the plaiting was very skilled. Those ovens with the door that slides away underneath are pretty neat tho, hadn’t seen them before this programme. Perhaps I’m behind the times and they’re available here?

unknowndisorder, Oct 24, 8:05am
Not sure if they are or not, but yeah, they are cool (the ovens).

I am always amazed by how creative and supportive they are with each other :)

strowan1, Oct 24, 8:14am
Yes that’s one of the big draw cards about the show, there’s no unkindness- so nice, (well that and the baking of course).

kaddiew, Oct 24, 7:01pm
Oh damn, I missed it last night. And was looking forward to the bread challenge, too.

strowan1, Oct 30, 11:41pm
Especially for you Kaddiew! and all other keen fans of course lol. Does anyone know what the bakers are doing tonight, haven’t seen any trailers this week. Can you believe how quickly these Tuesday’s are coming around? Whatever the tasks I’m sure it’ll be an enjoyable watch.

kaddiew, Oct 31, 12:50am
Thanks strowan1. : ) I actually remembered this time, and tonight is apparently a "first-time-ever" batter week, with store-cupboard challenges.

unknowndisorder, Nov 7, 6:42am
Pastry week :)

BTW if anyone wants the series so far (minus first episode) or any of them, sing out, I haven't deleted them yet.

mindi1, Nov 8, 12:44am
Do you download from MySky to a DVD?

unknowndisorder, Nov 8, 5:36am
This is on Prime, so a couple of years old, but I think it hasn't been shown on pleb tv before.

We have a DVD recorder, and can chuck onto DVD.

Looking forward to seeing the new series without the three musketeers, but more curious than anything lol

summersunnz, Nov 10, 8:53am
I saw in the tv guide that the last series of Australian Masterchef is screening on TV1 weekday afternoons.

karlymouse, Nov 11, 2:44am
Is this latest series on demand somewhere. as I have missed the first 2 or maybe three. and like to watch complete if possible.

buzzy110, Nov 11, 3:37am
I've lost interest in this particular series. Either the bakers do not seem to be as competent as previous competitors or the judges have gotten stingy with the time and are putting them under too much pressure to make something that would take another ½hr to do it justice.

Baking is done in its own time Everything needs an appropriate amount of time to come together. Some of the poor, sad looking offerings just got to me and looking at stressed competitors dropping and knocking things doesn't make for very entertaining TV imo.

strowan1, Nov 14, 3:27am
Hi all, Tuesday again, can’t believe how quickly they come around.
Think I saw a trailer - floral cakes tonight?
Agreeing with Buzzy, I also wish time allowances were more generous, the usual mad dash at the end often produces disappointing results. I wonder if the contestants know how much time they’re allotted before deciding what they intend baking, or are some a little over ambitious? Whatever, I sit and marvel at the skill shown.

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