How do I calculate carbs in home cooked food?

awoftam, Nov 2, 6:26am
Hello all.

I have been making knackebrot which I love; have posted the recipe a few times but here it is again as it may help answer my question:

I also add caraway seeds, a good lot of shredded coconut and about 75g raw chopped almonds.

I am keen to understand the approximate amount of carbs; that way I can work it out per slice. I have no idea how to do this; esp with the wholemeal flour content. Anyone help? No need to be super accurate.


stasi21, Nov 2, 7:48am
An app/website called My Fitness Pal has the option to input ingredients and amount of servings and it then tells you the breakdown of nutrients/macros per serving

davidt4, Nov 2, 7:53am
You can calculate the carbs by looking up carb values on Google. It can be a nuisance as you need to be sure if the values given are total or net carbs. Use the figures for net carbs.You will be able to find figures for volume (cups, tabs) and weight (grams). Then do the arithmetic and work out the figure for the volume or weight of each component of your recipe (don't bother with small things like baking powder, spices etc) and add them up. Then divide the total by the number of slices.

davidt4, Nov 2, 7:58am
100g of wholemeal flour contains about 65g net carbohydrate. It varies a lot depending on the way the flour was processed.

awoftam, Nov 2, 8:13am
Thank you. I am hoping someone on here may know how to do this without me having to use an app. Appreciate the response tho!

timturtle, Nov 2, 8:32am
I don't mind doing it but it won't be until tomorrow I do know it will be a lot with flour and oats in the recipe

I have a good cracker recipe which is low in carbs with just almond meal and egg White if you would like

lythande1, Nov 2, 7:05pm
Why? If you want to limit carbs, limit eating anything made from flour.

cor.-., Nov 2, 8:28pm
As above, if you have a smartphone download the free app MyFitnessPal you may have to pay for an upgrade to analyse the carbs in your food

davidt4, Nov 2, 9:55pm
Are you hoping for someone to work it out for you? Or do you want advice on how to work it out for yourself. I think my post #3 explains how to work it out yourself.

cor.-., Nov 2, 11:17pm
I ran it through MyFitnessPal app =

220g wholegrain rolled oats is carbs 65% or 119.4g
225g (closest to 220g) wholemeal flour is carbs 81% or 144g

awoftam, Nov 3, 7:11am
Yes it did, thank you however I didn't actually see it until ages after you had posted. For some reason my response to posts were 'late' i.e. I only read your reply telling me how to do it well after I had said I didn't want to use an app. Not sure how that happened but it did. The wonders of technology I suppose. I appreciate your advice and have taken it, as I always do.

awoftam, Dec 7, 4:55pm
Who said anything about limiting carbs? Not me. Ergo your response is irrelevant. If I had wanted to limit carbs I would have asked that question.

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