Water kefir

eljayv, Oct 24, 10:38pm
I've made water kefir aerobically but have just read that only kombucha should be made this way. Both water and milk kefir are best made anaerobically and wonder if anyone knows if I can obtain a "self burping" jar or even a lid for an Agee jar. A special jar for pickling I am thinking would probably be the thing if available

illusion_, Oct 25, 1:19am

seller = masontops

if you dont already know our agee jar is equivalent to their "wide mouth mason jar"

eljayv, Oct 25, 3:35am
Thank you and I may have found a local supplier of the silicone pickle-pipes.

tinkagirl, Nov 1, 6:11am
without sounding or looking stupid I don't understand what you are talking about. tried google but still no the wiser. I make milk kefir and have for years, I just have it covered with ta chux cloth and it works fine. please can you explain more.

eljayv, Nov 1, 8:54am
Yes, I was same but came across an article and followed it up by googling
Kefir aerobic or anaerobic and found a lot more information and decided to try the alternative.

samanya, Dec 8, 12:46am
I make water kefir & do the same.
It will be interesting to see if the op notices a difference.
OP do let us know?