Christmas cake topping

korbo, Dec 10, 6:26am
Many family members don't like icing on christmas cake, so thought I would decorate with cherries, nuts etc.
Do you put them on top before cooking or after.
If after, do you make a glaze of some sort.
looked in a few recipe books, but found nothing.
I remember alison holst haveing decorated ones. thanks.

rainrain1, Dec 10, 6:47am
Just decorate with whole almonds, or almonds and glaze cherries starting in the centre and work out. before cooking. Cover with brown paper for the last hour or so after the top is the colour you want.

valentino, Dec 10, 6:59pm
You can make up a glaze syrup say 4 tablespoons apricot jam to a tablespoon of water, heated a little in small saucepan, then brushed onto top of cake. Add some dried fruits including red cherries, cut figs, pineapple and so on all trimmed to suit and decorate.
Even those green lolly leaves with red cherries to create images.

Then brush again with the glaze mixture and cook as normally do.

You could also add a wee bit of brandy or a cream sherry etc to the glaze.


dreamers, Dec 10, 7:20pm
I always add after ,using the apricot jam glaze .

sarahb5, Dec 11, 3:11am

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