Substitute for Golden Syrup

rai5, Dec 12, 10:03pm
I have a recipe for "Salted Caramel Sauce for the pavlova and it has 2 tbsp. of golden syrup. I don't have any and don't want to buy a can. Any suggestions got a substitute please?

lythande1, Dec 12, 10:05pm
Sugar. It's what you make caramel with anyway. And the syrup is just liquid sugar.

nauru, Dec 13, 1:22am
Just use brown sugar instead. These days, I use coconut sugar, it gives a lovely caramel taste and colour to anything you put it in and you don't need to use so much either.

maximus44, Dec 13, 3:36am
Would you be willing to share the recipe for the Salted Caramel sauce rai5?

marcs, Dec 13, 7:23am
Golden syrup, glucose, corn syrup,maple syrup or honey can be put in the caramel. It stops the sauce from forming sugar crystals. You can leave it out too but just make sure your sugar is dissolved well before it comes to a boil.

rai5, Dec 13, 8:04am
It is in the previous issue of North & South magazine and is a Nadia Lim recipe for a topping for a brown sugar pavlova.

calista, Dec 16, 9:47am
Golden syrup also comes in small squeeze bottles so you don't necessarily have to buy a can.

kaddiew, Dec 17, 1:35am
You can also buy only what you need for a recipe, at Bin Inn. Take ytour own small pottle or buy one of theirs for a few cents.

autumnwinds, Dec 17, 2:50am
Umm. if it's requested politely, it's considered polite to share the recipe, when you have time - many live in areas where they may not have access to specific recipes, even from the library. Yes, it takes time, but it's the polite thing to do (imho - and that of most others).

However, I have found a couple of links that seesm similar, both from blogs.
The first one is discussing the recipe from My Food Bag, which is run by Nadia, so is probably the recipe stated. This is a reader recipe from "Bite"

Sounds too sweet for me (and no, I'm not at all adverse to sugar!), but for those who want to try, there they are :)

spider47, Dec 19, 10:35pm
I had no golden syrup so used sugar. perfect.
I tried it with brown sugar and went a bit chewy. Beautiful flavour.
Bought golden syrup and the caramel is too gooey (twice)

rai5, Nov 18, 2:53am
Thanks for the comments. I did wonder about how sweet it might be as none of us are really sugar people.

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