Ice cream cakes - purchased do they taste ok?

findit1, Jul 29, 4:13am
5 year old birthday and looking at purchasing a ice cream cake . has anyone tried them? Can give me brand etc that they liked? Or not?

valentino, Jul 29, 5:07am
Do your own, far nicer and better use of toppings.

Just use the right (Jelly) moulds and build it.
Can be Multi-flavoured or a mixed variety.


sarahb5, Jul 29, 5:40am
Many years ago we bought one from Pak n Save for my son's birthday - I think he was about 5 - the kids loved it, there were certainly no leftovers and just so easy for a party if you've got other stuff to do as well. I think it was Tip Top - haven't looked lately to see if you can still get them but Tip Top have a birthday cake swirl flavoured ice cream at the moment

autumnwinds, Jul 29, 12:50pm
Totally agree.
You get flavours you know the child will like, and even decorate with a simple buttercream if you have the time/inclination, or use fresh fruits.
Way better, and cheaper.

rainrain1, Jul 29, 9:18pm
You couldn't go wrong with buying an ice cream cake could you? Just go for it, buy one, and enjoy! A five year old won't be too fussed.

aktow, Jul 30, 8:24am
ice cream birthday cakes now are crap and over priced. the last one we bought had half the decorations it used to have,, plus the ice cream tasted like diet ice cream. you are better off buying a 5 litre block or 2 litre carton, pour over chocolate or any topping you like and then cover it with a selection of lollies, marshmallows etc,, once candles go on it your child would love it,

rainrain1, Jan 12, 10:42am
crikey. do you think a kid would care. who's supposed to be eating this cake the children or the adults?

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