Nice Christmas Salad

angebkworm, Dec 14, 5:45am
that can be made ahead of time, in order to avoid the crazy chaos in the kitchen. Love some ideas!

darkestangel1, Dec 14, 11:31am
pls give me ur suggestions and recipes!

slimgym, Dec 14, 6:33pm
just type salad in the side bar heaps of recipes

gayle6, Dec 14, 8:36pm
This one was in one of Nadia Lim's Christmas boxes. Correct beetroot is chioggia (red and white striped) but difficult o find. This salad looks beautiful with the pomegranate seeds scattered over the top. Drizzle over the dressing just before serving.
• 1 pomegranate
• 1 punnet cherry tomatoes
• 2 baby cos lettuces
• 150g baby spinach leaves
• beetroot
• ¼ cup mint leaves
• 35g chopped walnuts
• 100g feta cheese
• 100g pomegranate and verjuice vinaigrette

dibble35, Dec 14, 8:39pm
I like making Toady's Brown rice salad, can all be prepared the day before and dressing poured over just before serving. I've been using black rice or a combo of brown and black the last few years and it always gets favourable comments. Type into the search thingy on left and recipe will come up if your interested

uli, Dec 15, 5:16am
Depends on what you want - a salad or a prefabricated concoction of cooked veges?

For me a "salad" is lots of different green leaves, you can add some tomatoes or cucumber slices, but it is something fresh you cannot do days ahead. Of course you can clean the leaves etc the day before and even chop them and keep them in a plastic bag in the fridge. Then mix and dress 5 minutes before serving.

Or you can do the NZ thing and buy some pre-fabricated veges and dressings from the so-called "deli" department of your supermarket. They will have enough preservatives in them to last for a few days.

So maybe just make a plan what you think your "salad" should be like and I am sure we can help with a recipe.

sarahb5, Dec 17, 5:25am
Had a delicious carrot salad last weekend - grated carrot, spring onion, capsicum and diced Colby cheese - dressing was lemon juice and olive oil

kiwiscrapper1, Dec 17, 6:40am
Cut veges up in to approx 1 inch pieces, pumpkin, carrot red onion, garlic zucchini kumera, beetroot, just what you have, but not too much keep it simple Once cooked leave to cool, I use a platter style plate, spread with rocket, place all the veges over evenly, add marinated feta over the top then use the oil it comes in as the dressing, just before serving drizzle with balsamic drizzle.

aktow, Dec 17, 7:31am
pasta, pink salmon and mushroom salad,,

all this salad is, cooked pasta,with sliced raw mushrooms, tin pink salmon, sliced tomato, sliced spring onions, sliced onion, chopped parsley , lots of salt and pepper then bound with a thick mayonnaise like best foods mayonnaise,, sometimes i add capsicums,,

rough ingredients to fills a 2 litre icecream container,
1/2 bag pasta (any type)
1 big tin pink salmon
250g-300g button mushrooms
1 large onion
4 tomato
1/2 bunch spring onion
1/2 cup chopped parsley
seasoning salt pepper
1/2 - whole jar of best food mayonnaise, depending on taste

when i make this, i look at the salad and think, has it got enough ingredients like mushroom or enough chopped parsley etc,, i like plenty of colour,,

aktow, Dec 17, 8:02am
Ravioli, chicken, spinach salad,,
real easy salad that can be made up the night before,

any type of ravioli, chicken, spinach , tomato, red onion, spring onions , capsicum , mayonnaise , seasoning,

below is what i prepared for approx 10 people and i had a lot left over

1 large packet Chicken Bacon Mozzarella Ravioli (cooked)
1/2 bag frozen spinach (defrost and squeeze out moisture)
500g cooked sliced or diced chicken
tomato wedges 3-4
red onion 1 big sliced thin
spring onions
capsicum, 1-2 sliced real thin
mayonnaise,, enough to bind

arielbooks, Dec 17, 6:09pm
I came across a nice asparagus and walnut one that is simple and looks very christmassy. The creamy walnut dressing is nice but you could use any light mayonnaise instead.

Dressing. Boil together for 10 minutes 1 cup water, 1/2 cup of walnuts, 2 cloves garlic peeled. Put in food processor and add 1/2 cup of neutral oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste. Blitz till smooth. Put aside to cool.

I med over roast 1/2 cup of walnuts for 10 minutes then cool. Arrang asparagus on tray sprinkled with olive oil and rost for 10 to 12 minutes. Cool.

To assemble scatter on plate with a little chopped parsley, toasted walnuts and drizzle with creamy dressing, shave parmesan over.

blueviking, Dec 17, 6:22pm
Asparagus, Strawberry & Avocado. This is the only time of the year you can make it, so very Christmassy. I've put it on here before, so look in the search box

blueviking, Dec 17, 6:42pm
I've got the recipe in my photos, but have forgotton how to do the link.

jan2242, Dec 17, 7:42pm
Have a carrot salad that you can make ahead of time. It must be ok as I have been asked to make it again this year. If you would like the recipe, happy to share.

sally63, Dec 17, 7:59pm
Yes please Jan. I would love the salad recipe:)

jan2242, Dec 17, 8:11pm
2 Carrot Salad Recipes-
1/ Carrot Salad
Boil 900g carrot rings in unsalted water. Strain and add 1 chopped red capsicum, 1 chopped green capsicum, 1 onion cut in rings (red or white) and 1-2 stalks celery chopped. Marinade in the following - 1 450g tin tomato soup, 1/2 cup malt vinegar, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp dry ginger. Boil all together, then leave. The longer it's left the more flavour.

2/ Carrot & Mint Salad
Cook pot full of carrots till tender (depending on how many people). Add chopped onion, then make the sauce-
1 cup tomato sauce
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup oil
1 tsp mustard
1 tsp Worcestershire Sauce
Bring to the boil then add the carrots and onions and chopped mint to taste.

..pip.., Dec 21, 3:35am
Settle petal.

blueviking, Dec 21, 4:17am
You can make a "red" salad days before. Slice tomatoes, radishes, red capsicum, red onion and marinate in white wine vinegar.
Most salads keep for a few days in the fridge anyway(apart from a lettuce one)
I cook on the bbq a lot over summer so I normally make about 6 salads a week so when one's finished I make a different one. Great for lunches as well, just throw some sliced ham in,or bbq'd chicken if you need meat.
The countdown Broccoli salad I make doesn't usually last more than 1 bbq.
Make a coleslaw and add red onion and pineapple.

pickles7, Dec 21, 6:40am
Bean salad Dressing

I buy cans of cooked beans for this.
I try and keep 2 cans in the fridge, all the time.
Dressing. Simmer, 1 1/4 cups of malt vinegar,
1/2 cup of brown sugar,
1/2 cup of water,
1 Tbsp honey,
1 Tbsp oil,
1 1/2 tsp salt,
2 tsp soy sauce,
pepper to taste.
Pour over drained beans, try and leave the salad in the fridge a while before using.

The dressing is what has turned a few people around from being haters to great lovers of bean salads,

pickles7, Dec 21, 6:57am
Remember to keep salads chilled and covered, until you need to serve them. It is best to dress them at the last minute, other than those that are served in a ''marinade'' dressing. I used to keep a jar of pickled vegetables in my fridge as an emergency salad.

aktow, Dec 21, 3:47pm
angebkworm i used to make salads for 100 -1,000 people and we guessed how much ingredients to use so i cannot give you exact quantities

curried rice, sultana and pineapple salad,,

this is just cooked rice with curry powder, turmeric, sultanas , tinned chopped pineapple , chopped parsley and bound with mayonnaise,, we have made this before with a yogurt and a vinaigrette but i prefer the mayo,

aktow, Dec 21, 3:50pm
grated carrot with sultanas, mint sauce and coconut,,

as above, just grate the carrots and mix all the ingredients together

aktow, Nov 16, 10:44am
my favourite salad

thinly sliced iceburg lettuce, grated carrot, sliced betroot, grated cheese, wedged tomato, seasoning, sliced onions, small croûtons bound with mayonnaise,

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