Breville bread maker

sarahb5, May 26, 3:14am
Anyone on here have one? Are they easy to use and make nice bread? Friend is leaving the country and selling hers - I’m sick of buying bread that tastes of nothing .

lilyfield, May 26, 4:44am
Love easy as any other.

lythande1, May 26, 6:50am
I have a Sunbeam. Love it, had an older one, upgraded to the long pan (to get the standard shape).
I also make rolls using the dough function.

nauru, May 26, 7:05am
I have a Breville Big Loaf breadmaker, makes great bread. I use it to make bread dough for panini, pizza and bread rolls as well as sweet breads and pasta. Nothing like homemade bread and you know exactly what goes into it. It also has a jam setting which is great as I can make small amounts of jam which is just right for the two of us.

korbo, Sep 13, 4:55pm
the bread does have a totally different texture and flavur. I have 3 but use only 1 all the time. It must be 15yrs old. I love experimenting and making different tasting ones. Today. lemon pepper, dried onion, and 3 tsps chilli paste. havent tasted yet, but sureit will be nice.

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