Dumpling (Asian Style) recipe wanted pls

dibble35, Nov 2, 8:31pm
Where do i buy dumpling wrappers from? I thought the supermarkets would sell them but couldnt see them at Pak n Save this morning and cant see them online at Countdown. I drove past the one and only Asian supermarket in town and it was shut, but will try there again this weekend, think i've seen them in the freezer section somewhere? And also anyone got a tried and true, easy ish recipe for dumplings, I did buy pork mince but nothing else to go in them yet. Thanks,

bluebell21, Nov 2, 9:01pm
Hi dibble, I have started making my own dumplings and they are so much nicer than the frozen ones from the supermarket. I finally found the dumpling wrappers at a vege shop (Asian owned), but try and get the round dumpling wrappers. The square ones are for wontons I think. The mixture I put inside is usually pork mince, very finely chopped cabbage, grated carrot, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, salt and pepper, soy sauce, spring onion. I sometimes also add an egg and some breadcrumbs if you want the mixture to go a bit further. They freeze really well. I cook the frozen dumplings by placing them in a small frying pan, pour about 3/4 cup of water over top, then a drizzle of oil, cover, let them cook until the water is all evaporated. Then uncover and let them brown slightly on each side. Hope this helps :)

dibble35, Nov 2, 9:35pm
Yummy!. So no need to cook them before freezing them? Will be a nice easy lunch to take to work I think. once they are all made of course. Might go try and track some wrappers down this afternoon, got the guys here finally taking the scaffolding down from when I got the roof replaced so cant go anywhere for awhile. Just so happy to see the scaffolding going, the job finished 2.5 weeks ago, and scaffolding has been up for about 5 weeks. Thanks.

valentino, Nov 2, 9:45pm

dibble35, Nov 2, 10:11pm
Wow, looks so good. im getting really motivated.

bruceakld, Nov 2, 11:10pm
The Japanese version are called gyoza and sometimes they're called pot sticker dumplings, google will find you variations of recipes.
Farmers currently have the dumpling press in the kitchen section if folding them is a little tricky.
I've used this recipe
Kids hate mushrooms so we substituted finely chopped chopped water chestnuts.
Soo yummy, just experiment with the flavours to find what you like

nickyd, Dec 7, 2:03am
I have made these ones multiple times - so good. (and cheap!) (Just a bit time consuming) - we picked up a simple dumpling press at a Kosco shop - was about $3.50 and that helps lots.
We love them steamed then pan fried best ! Have fun!

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