Slow cooker fruit paste ?

pauline999, Oct 22, 9:09pm
All the slow cooker recipes I have found are for quince paste. I wouldn't know a quince if it hit me on the head ! Has anyone made apricot or pear fruit past using a slow cooker ?

autumnwinds, Dec 12, 4:58pm
You might like to try this recipe here.

Yes, itt's a quince recipe, but has been used for many different types of fruit.
Use the first basic method, then look below for the paste method, and i's just the same.

Sometimes if you use too much liquid it's stubborn to get to the "thick enough to drag a spoon through" stage, at which point you take your LARGEST microwave jug out, throw some paste mix intto it, blat it in tthe nukery (sorry microwave) until it's thick, pour into suitable sized pottle when cooled a little (KMart has then for cheap, great for both gifts and serving with "horses doofers" as my late husband used to call them - he died 19 Oct 1992, so 25 yrs ago last Friday), and repeat the process after having a coffee or a wine. Nothing's irretrivable, it just takes a little longer sometimes.

You can make paste out over virtually any fruit (I wouldn't recommend banana, though. the colour! ), just make allowances for very juicy fruits, and put in less water than you think it needs.

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