Filling/cream for premade sweet pastry cases

bubblegirlblack, Sep 9, 8:28am
Does anyone have an easy Peary recipe for a sweet cream/filling please?

kaddiew, Sep 9, 8:51am
The easiest I know is to fold lemon curd (I use homemade) through whipped cream, or beat into cream cheese.

bubblegirlblack, Sep 9, 9:25am
That sounds yummy. Do u have an easy lemon curd recipe Maddie will please?

punkinthefirst, Sep 9, 9:27am
What are you filling? There are several different pastry creams, each of which has a slightly different flavour and texture from the others and a different purpose. Some are used as is, some are mixed with whipped cream or meringue to lighten them, and some support fruit additions.

lynja, Sep 9, 7:24pm
I love the lemon curd mixed into cream filling. Be very heavy handed with the lemon curd so you get a really lemony flavour. If you do not want to make your own then use Barkers Lemon Curd. It really is fantastic.

bubblegirlblack, Sep 9, 10:44pm
I am filling premade sweet pastry cases.
Thanks lynja I will look out for that lemon curd in the supermarket. Should really make my own .

kaddiew, Sep 9, 10:59pm
Microwave lemon curd (small amount)

2 eggs + 1 yolk, juice and zest of a lemon (I always add more), half cup sugar. Whisk together, microwave on High in 30 second bursts for 2-3 mins, whisking in between, until thickens. Store in fridge for a couple of weeks, or freeze and scoop straight from freezer.

And as linja said, be heavy handed with the lemon curd when combining with cream etc.

dbab, Sep 10, 1:41am
Neenish tarts are tasty.

bubblegirlblack, Sep 10, 1:54am
Kaddiew that's my kind of recipe - thank you!

kaddiew, Sep 10, 2:39am
OOPS sorry make that the juice & zest of 2 lemons, not one! I always add far more anyway, so you could do it to taste. ; )

malcovy, Sep 10, 4:06am
And it is an excellent recipe, this is the only one I will make. It freezes well and you can still scoop it out easily from frozen. It is wonderful in ice-cream and mixed in softly whipped cream, as another poster mentioned, for a filling.

kaddiew, Sep 10, 8:33am
I've been using the recipe for more than 20 years, and i would never again be faffed standing over a double boiler or using a recipe with butter. So simple, and I always have a small pottle in the freezer.

daarhn, Sep 10, 10:30am
quick and easy passionfruit curd or lemon curd (as suggested above). They can be mixed together or used separately with thick whipped fresh cream or mock cream. Or a nice thick rich custard mixed with the curd or cream.

bubblegirlblack, Sep 10, 6:59pm
OMG I can't wait to try both the lemon and passion fruit curds. Putting custard with the curd - again so simple. Thanks everyone.

jobb, Dec 27, 1:51am
Chocolate mousse, thick custard or custard & whipped cream mix. Make a chocolate ganache, or even marshmallow.

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