Sunbeam food dehydrator

jia5, Jun 2, 2:22am
fourteen and a half hours and my limes are still moist ( I know, terrible word,lol ) in the middle. Grrr, that"ll teach me. Should have bought a dearer/different brand.

I think it will be going to the OP shop, if I don't biff it out the window in the meantime. :-o :-)

samanya, Jun 2, 2:36am
Don't despair.
I've got an ancient Harvest Maid & although I've never dehydrated limes or any citrus, 14 hours doesn't seem excessively long to me.
What does the manual say?

jia5, Sep 9, 8:47am
10 hours. Its still going. I think I should have put it on the highest setting instead of the second one that the manual said.

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