anyone in Tauranga with a sunbeam crockpot inner

lisa35, May 4, 2:00am
for sale by any chance, have looked on tm but will cost to much to send as they are quite heavy and one of the kids chipped mine,

melford, May 4, 2:04am
Countdown have them on sale for $24. 99 1/2 price today. I just bought one

245sam, May 4, 2:15am
Are they really the Sunbeam crockpots melford? - if so, that's a price that surely would be too good to miss! :-))

melford, May 4, 2:44am
no not sumbeam, cascade but they are stainless steel with the black inner. They have the usual settings, auto, low, high and work just fine. Bought mine as a second one to cook puddings in. Too good to miss at that price

ttwisty, May 4, 6:49am
you could try noel leeming or harvey norman and see if they could order one for you. I did this a few months ago for my sunbeam needed a new lid

raewyn64, May 4, 7:16am
Lisa I am probably going up to Auckland this weekend - Manukau end of Auckland so could possibly pick it up if you have won an auction from up there and paid for it.

lisa35, May 5, 6:22am
Thanks raewyn ill have a look and see if there is any, thanks so much for your kind offer :)

raewyn64, May 5, 6:27am
lisa sorry but it will probably be too late now as we are leaving tomorrow

unknowndisorder, May 5, 11:15pm
Not sure how specific the inners are, but an option you could try is getting the cheapie on special at Woolworths/Countdown/Foodtown and seeing if the inner fits.
If it doesn't, use that crockpot until you find an inner in your area and then revert back to your Sunbeam :) (selling off the other one).
Just an idea :)

akl439, May 6, 2:07am
Hi Lisa, don't know what shape inner you're after, but I've spotted inners at various charity shops in Tga - Sallies, Red Cross, Anglican one near the Historic Village. Worth a try

camper18, May 15, 12:01am
Hi Lisa are you still looking for a crockpot inner? Have one for free if you like to pay postage from Dargaville.

xstiteher, May 10, 3:01am
i have a sunbeam inner but im in chch

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