3kgs of olives! Ideas please ( =

holly-rocks, Aug 22, 3:49am
Hi! We had visitors last week and they brought us a massive barrel of olives! We love olives but its taking up so much room in the fridge! They are reeeeally good olives (probably the nicest ive tried) but im running out of ideas on how to use them. Any recipes would be awesome!
Thank you ( =

davidt4, Aug 22, 4:10am
Cured olives don't need to be refrigerated, just make sure they are covered in the pickling liquid (which will be a mixture of brine and olive oil) and keep them in the pantry. If they develop a white mould just rinse it off.

I use black olives in salads, add them to roasting vegetables e.g. pumpkin, onion and capsicum roasted with olive oil, add them to Middle Eastern stews and pilaffs, make olive paste and tapenade, remove stones and add the flesh to salsas. They will brighten up any European or Middle Eastern savoury dish. Be aware that olives will add salt to a dish so season accordingly.

holly-rocks, Jan 4, 10:12am
I did not know they could be stored in the pantry! Thank you so much for that. I now have room in my fridge. :)
Appropriate your wonderful ideas also!
Thanks again.

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