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lyndunc, Jun 16, 7:37am
I have offered to do some baking for children aged 12-17 (approx). I have made a weetbix slice, any ideas on other things I can bake? It will be for their morning tea. And yes, it's the novice baker here again. lol, so nothing too complicated please.

sherrydog, Jun 16, 8:13am
Scones using one of the reputable scone mixes, pikelets. Sandwiches seem to go down well as well as sausage rolls. You can buy sausage rolls from the freezer and just slice them up. Bought Lamingtons sliced and filled with cream and a bit of jam. Depends on how much actual 'cooking' you want to do.

lyndunc, Jun 16, 8:29am
Thanks Sherrydog, I actually like doing the baking from scratch, but nothing too complicated. I quite like making cupcakes, I just want to make sure I am not overloading them with sugar. I can always check with the person I am dealing with and see what is best. I haven't ever had children, so don't know what they like and what would be nutritious, or is it an impossibility to have both. ?

sarahb5, Jun 16, 9:02am
Brownies or chocolate cake - teenagers (well kids in general really) love chocolate - baking is a treat, I don’t think it’s expected to be nutritious. My kids would not have ever chosen scones or weetbix slice as a baked treat. They would eat pikelets at a push with jam and cream but would rather have choc chip cookies. They would eat banana cake if there was chocolate in it or chocolate frosting. They did their own baking for school lunches - coconut chocolate slice was a quick and easy favourite.

sarahb5, Jun 16, 9:03am
Check the magic slice thread - it’s easy and delicious - my kids loved it

duckmoon, Jun 16, 9:33am
I learned this recipe when i was eleven. still use it today (am older than eleven).

strowan1, Jun 16, 11:06am
Afghans, ginger crunch, weetbix slice, caramel slice, banana, chocolate or carrot cake, choc chippies, and your cupcakes they always go down a treat. Duskies , from the Edmonds book, Fay’s Mumbles a Jo Seagar recipe, and the uncooked slices - citrus slice or choc. fudge cake. A few easier suggestions for you, hoping this helps.

karlymouse, Jun 16, 11:14am
Marshmallow slice should be easy enough to be enjoyed.

malcovy, Jun 16, 8:59pm
My friend makes these and I tell her that her biscuits are the only reason I visit.
Also I highly recommend Dame Alison Holst's recipe books and her gingernut recipe is the best and so simple.

lyndunc, Jun 16, 9:24pm
Thank you all so much, very helpful suggestions and it seems I am on the right track with what I have done.
The weetbix slice has icing on it so hopefully it will be ok, It's a bit like a coconut slice actually.

lyndunc, Jun 16, 10:02pm
I didn't want to say too much, but the reason for the nutritious side of things is because these are young people who haven't had breakfast and/or don't have lunch.

davidt4, Jun 16, 10:20pm
In that case, make something substantial like a bacon and egg pie or a frittata.

lyndunc, Jun 16, 10:59pm
Ooh, not sure I am up to a bacon and egg pie level yet David, but thanks for the suggestion.

Have just found out as well that I have been using high grade flour when I should have been using standard flour - who knew there would be such a difference, but it would explain the end result in some recipes!

Ah well, life is a learning experience after all.

davidt4, Jun 17, 12:19am
Try this - Timturtle's famous Breakfast Slab. It's delicious, nutritious and very easy.

Breakfast Slab

150 g chopped bacon
100g chopped mushrooms
200 g cooked spinach, chopped & well drained
1 cup of grated cheese
10 eggs
sliced tomato
line a baking dish with non stick paper, then spread over bacon & mushrooms (this helps hold the sides of the paper out) Mix eggs in a bowl to combine the yolks & whites, then add salt garlic pepper, spinach & cheese. Mix well then pour over the bacon & mushrooms. Spread out evenly & top with sliced tomato.
Bake around 180 degrees until just set. Serve warm or cool.

lyndunc, Jun 17, 12:33am
Thank you David, will give it a go when I have more eggs. seem to have suddenly got very few of them.

lythande1, Jun 17, 1:18am
Skip cake then.
Sausage rolls, bread case snacks - with perhaps a mushroom mix or smoked fish mix. Pinwheels. Things like that.

sarahb5, Jun 17, 1:27am
Savoury muffins or scones? Self crusting quiche? ABC muffins (apple, banana, chocolate). If they haven’t had breakfast or lunch then you still want your baking to be tempting as well as nutritious (you can do both) otherwise they won’t eat your baking either. It’s not so long since mine were teenagers (and on the picky side) so I know from experience that no matter how hungry they are they won’t eat something filling just because it’s good for them - sausage rolls are pretty easy though especially if you buy frozen pastry.

sarahb5, Jun 17, 1:32am
Mine would definitely have eaten these - muffin tin tacos Most teenagers like simple food that’s easy to eat but has plenty of flavour

lyndunc, Jun 17, 2:32am
Thank you for your suggestions, I might try doing the healthy muffin idea. This has a two fold purpose, I want to improve my baking skills and help out. Don't quite think I am ready for pastry, but seem to be ok with muffins. Oh, and thanks to The Great British Bake Off for getting me into baking.

sarahb5, Jun 17, 3:14am
I actually mess up muffins more often than pastry - I tend to overmix them - but there’s always frozen pastry at the supermarket

slimgym, Jun 17, 4:14am
lolly cake that's all you will need. haha, small frittatas are good too

lyndunc, Jun 18, 11:26pm
So I dropped off the weetbix slice and an oatmeal slice, and some small cupcakes and it seems they were successful! So will have a go this weekend with some more cupcakes (going to use oil instead of butter as per another thread) and another slice.

bubbles22222, Jun 19, 9:55pm
Sounds yum, i'm about to make

vomo2, Jun 19, 11:20pm
Just blend, dont mx.

vomo2, Jun 19, 11:33pm
Bacon &egg is a doddle. Buy ready rolled puff or flaky pastry (Countdowns Homebrand has less fat) put a sheet in a dish that it fits in having sprayed with oil lightly first. Then break in about 6 eggs, piecing the yolk. Then add chopped bacon, about a cup full and put a second square of pastry on top, with a couple of small knife cuts. Cook at 350deg til it looks absolutely delicious! Others add peas, tomato, onions, but we prefer the real thing.

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