No Sugar Ice Cream recipe wanted please

jan2242, Jan 15, 12:44am
Is there any way of making this without sugar? I have tried using frozen bananas but it still tasted like banana to me (not a fan of them). Hopefully someone has a good recipe I could try?

amiri1, Jan 15, 4:16am
I just use whipped cream (sometimes with a little milk), lots of vanilla essence and a little xylitol or stevia or a mix. Then I use my slushy cup to make it into soft serve ice cream. If I leave it in the freezer longer it becomes firmer.

The sweetner you use is up to you. Artificial or natural they all have their pros and cons and everyone has a different opinion. Experiment! Maybe try dates, pureed apple, or some other fruit as your sweetner.

If I want flavoured ice cream, I'll add a frozen pureed boysenberry for boysenberry ripple ice cream or mix it with peanut butter and ganache for a reese's peanut butter cup ice cream, the possibilities are endless!

Good luck with your search! :)

jan2242, Jan 16, 3:53am
thank you for posting this. Will try it out tonight.

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