Annabell laingbeins Asian pork belly roast

04redsox, Jan 31, 7:55pm
Thanks, herself! I made this last night and it came out great!

pacificrose42, Nov 13, 7:25am
Hi does anyone have this recipe they could share -thanks

pacificrose42, Nov 13, 7:33am
Sorry annabel langbein I hope (spelling right) latest TV series

karlymouse, Nov 13, 9:17am
All I remember is sliced onions and garlic cloves (around 6 I think she used) on the base of the roasting dish. pork on top and the piece she used was huge - I think she put lemon juice over the top of the skin and some salt. Then added water to the pan to side of meat, not to the skin level . roasted around 40 mins higher heat, reduce heat for another 3 hrs then add coconut milk and some more water then another hour.

This is around 75% accurate as I am going on memory here, there may have been some star anise in the base as well

herself, Nov 13, 10:18am
Caramelised Asian Pork Belly - Annabell Langbein
Put into a baking dish 2 finely chopped Shallots or 1 finely chopped medium Onion. 4 cloves Garlic finely chopped. 2 Tbsp soft Brown Sugar. 1/4 cup Fish Sauce. 1/4 cup Oyster Sauce. Stir to mix. Place Pork Belly on top of mixture skin side up taking care not to get marinade on the skin. Marinade for 2 - 4hrs. After this time, brush skin with Lemon juice and Salt. Add about 1 cup water at the edges of baking dish (keeping skin dry to get good crackling) to marinade to keep it from drying up. Put in oven preheated to 220ºC and cook 40 - 45 mins. Take out of oven, spoon off some of the fat, leave the juices to use as gravy later on. Add 1 cup of Coconut Milk, 1 cup Water to juices, again taking care to not get it on the crackling. Turn oven down to 150ºC and cook for another 2hrs.
Looked fabulous and I can't wait to try it!

pacificrose42, Apr 10, 5:20pm
Thanks so much karlymouse and herself!

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