Salty tomato chutney?

anjouc, Apr 11, 9:24pm
I've made a batch of green tomato chutney followed the recipe faithfully but it is so salty. I think I should have rinsed the mix after it sat overnight but it did'nt say to in the recipe. Is there anything I can do now to cut the salt? TIA

tobie2, Apr 11, 9:47pm
Yes you must bring back to boil after soaking over night, then drain off all that salty liquid .I don't think there is much you can do about it now, other than make another batch with out any salt and mix together, may help.

rainrain1, Apr 11, 9:59pm
You pour the brine off the raw pickle the next morning before you do anything else, then follow the recipe. You don't boil it with the overnight salt brine. I also think you will have to toss it out

harrislucinda, Apr 11, 11:32pm
try cutting a few spuds in before bottling as it is meant to absorb the salt

anjouc, Apr 12, 12:22am
I did drain off the salty brine. Making another batch now so I'll mix the 2 together & see what it tastes like. It smells yummy but tastes salty.

rainrain1, Apr 12, 3:12am
Good luck with that

deanna14, Apr 12, 3:21am
None of my recipes require brining. Once was enough for me years ago with a misprint in a recipe. I made a green tomato recipe last year.

Zingy Green Tomato Chutney

2 kg green tomatoes
500 gms diced onion
250 gms sultanas
3 TLB Mustard seeds
1 TLB Allspice
1 TLB Salt
1 1/2 cups White vinegar
500 gms white sugar
Put all ingredients into and large pot and simmer gently for 1 1/2 hours, stirring occasionally.

deanna14, Apr 12, 3:22am
X ing fingers that works for you.

whitehead., Apr 12, 4:18am
drop 2/3 spuds in your mix and cook them till soft then remove they take up salt you can also add some sugar to your mix it helps . when the spuds are cooked you bin them .

anjouc, Apr 12, 4:51am
Just doing the spuds now. mixing the 2 together helped but still has a salty taste, not as bad but still there. I'd forgotten about the spuds. So round no 2 & hopefully bottle in 1/2hr then wait 3 weeks & will be revealed. Thanks again & will post in 3 weeks!

vonkrum, Oct 12, 3:48pm
This is my recipe that I got from a lovely lady that lived in India.

3kg Tomatoes, 1 kg onions, 1/2 cup salt, 3 + 1 cups vinegar (brown), 3/4 cups sugar, 2 dessertpoons mustard (dry), 2 tablespoons hot curry powder, 3/4 cup cornflour.
Peel and chop the onions and tomatoes and place in a large plastic container. Add salt and cover well with water. Stir to mix and all to stand overnight. Next day strain through colander and drain well. Place tomatoes and onions in a large pan and add 3 cups of vinegar. Bring to the boil. Add sugar and mix well, return to the boil. Mix curry powder, mustard and cornflour together with 1 cup vinegar and stir in to relish until it thickens. Boil gently for 40-60 mins stirring from time to time. Pour into sterilised jars to seal.
A yummy relish. Great with cheese and crackers or cold meat on sandwiches etc.

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