Coconut milk

jord37, Apr 30, 2:00am
Ideas to use up tinned coconut milk,please.

kirmag, Apr 30, 2:16am
Thai curries.

joybells2, Apr 30, 2:36am
If you have some open in the tin, it freezes great, just put it in a sealed container and pop in freezer.

joojoo_eyeball, Apr 30, 3:35am
I just used a tin to make a batch of cheese scones. Delicious.

awoftam, Apr 30, 5:03am
Ohhhhhhhh, never thought of trying that!

wildflower, Apr 30, 7:11am
Cook rice in it.

davidt4, Apr 30, 7:31am
Rice pudding

joojoo_eyeball, Apr 30, 7:41am
Give it a try. So easy and no butter necessary.

luvmykicks, May 1, 8:18am

rav413, May 2, 4:37am
I froze left over coconut milk but when thawed, it separated.

awoftam, May 2, 4:56am
Oh really? That is interesting. Will do. A whole tin?

jonnynotions, Aug 30, 7:03pm
ice cream

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