Annabel Langbein Sour Cream pastry recipe

uli, Oct 18, 7:47pm
Has anyone made this yet?
And what did you use it for?

cookiebarrel, Oct 19, 3:00am
What temp do you have the oven at, may I ask?

kay141, Oct 19, 3:03am
Goes fantastically with apples.

uli, Oct 19, 3:07am
I guess it depends what recipe you choose to bake with that pastry.
Have a look here:

uli, Oct 19, 3:25am
The options are at the bottom below the recipe.

peanut28, Oct 21, 12:59am
Does anyone have the pastry recipe from last nights programme of Annabel Langbein. It was used for the rhubarb tarts I think. should have taped it. oops!

campmum, Oct 21, 1:09am

sscj, Oct 21, 2:19am
yes I have sounded yum

1/ 3/4 cup plain flour
200 grams butter (cold )
1/2 cup sour cream
wizz the flour / butter then add the sour cream and then chill .

then enjoy !

245sam, Oct 21, 2:21am
peanut28, as Annabel says in her book "This Traditional Pastry recipe has been made famous by Australian Foodie Maggie Beer". and Maggie's recipe can be found at:-

The quantities as stated in Annabel's book are basically the same as in the recipe on that link except that Annabel uses cup measures rather than scales so Annabel's recipe states 1¾ cups flour and ½ cup sour cream or crème fraiche, butter the same as on the above link. :-)).

cookiebarrel, Oct 21, 3:29am
Thank you Uli

peanut28, Aug 21, 9:17am
Thanks everyone for your help, much appreciated! :)

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