I have a billion persimmons! Anyone got recipes?

lizyb, Jan 26, 11:21pm
korbo I have five trees and live in havelock north, you are welcome to have some when they ripen this year

bluebell42, Jan 27, 1:52pm
Peel, core and whizz, add a squirt of lemon juice and chill. A bit like a sorbet.

skydancing, Jan 28, 11:54pm
LizyB if you have too many and wish to sell some on here I would love to buy some off you. I do not not live far from Havelock North.

lizyb, Jan 29, 3:35am
I will list a 50 cent auction for you when they are ripe ( they are a few months away from ripe yet )

floralsun, Jan 31, 2:56am
We add them to what we call chunky salsa - to use as a salad kinda dish - add to cooled cooked veges.

sikofstuf, Apr 30, 4:12am
I've never really had much to do with them before- found a lovely recipe for choc chip persimmon and raisin cookies- but I wondered- does anyone else have any yummy tried and tasted recipes please? thank you! :-)

bluebell42, Apr 30, 4:16am
Treat them a bit like apples. Stew and freeze. Eat raw. Jam or chutney.

davidt4, Apr 30, 4:51am
I put them into salads when they are still crisp. Good in a Greek-style salad with red onion, feta, black olives, mint, oregano and tomatoes.

korbo, Apr 30, 5:11am
gee, wished you lived closer or could do an auction, but guess the delivery cost would outweigh the cost of the persimons.
didnt realise they were ready yet. not many in my neck of the woods, tho if anyone knows someplace in HB please let me know.
love them. and so full of Vit.c I believe

kay141, Apr 30, 5:22am
Me, too. I saw some at the market last weekend but at $8.99 per kilo, I gave them a miss. Would hate to think what they were in the shops.

pickles7, Apr 30, 5:29am
Countdown have them in store in Hastings. korbo. Not too pricey,
under $5.00 a kg.

samanya, Apr 30, 6:35am
When I lived in your region, I had a Persimmon tree & like you, I preferred them raw in salads . sweet or savoury. It was a young tree that I planted & was just coming into it's prime when I left the property after nine years.
I love having the fruit, but most of all I just loved the autumn colours of the leaves.
To me, they are a useful/beautiful landscape tree with the lovely bonus of the fruit.

sarahb5, Apr 30, 7:11am
They make great crumble especially with berries or rhubarb

mybooks, Apr 30, 9:20am
We love them chopped small to include in salsa - persimmons, red onion or shallots, tomatoes or whatever you fancy.

niffer13, Apr 30, 8:52pm
I cut them in quarters & throw in with roast veg. Leave skin on.

samanya, May 1, 12:43am

kalevala, Apr 12, 8:46am
Bought them yesterday at Bayfresh in Havelock Road - $3.95 a kilo from memory. The Strawberry Patch on Havelock Road near the village may also have them.

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