Gluten free steak /cheese or mince and cheese pie

finlight, May 22, 8:52am
with nice pastry please

eljayv, May 22, 9:01pm

ed65, May 22, 10:21pm
You can buy gluten free pastry in some supermarkets. New World seem to have the best selection. We live in Auckland so are lucky in that we can buy ready made GF pies from Phoenix Gluten Free Bakery Store in Epsom. They also sell pastry separately. And they deliver!

I tried to make pies from scratch but had difficulty with the pastry - probably more an example of my uselessness than the quality of the pastry. But if you're game then just use a 'normal' pie recipe with GF pastry and make sure your filling is thickened with a GF flour.

draftie, May 23, 1:16am
Tried the gf pastrys from supermarket, didnt like them. Heard about a place in upper hutt on fb due to other allergies they needed to make a 'special' mix for us and well worth every dolkar spent to have them delivered to our door!

fishplants, May 23, 5:24am
Steak, cheese and mince have no gluten in them - why not make the filling you like and eat it over rice or over broccoli or over something else gluten free? Why do you get hooked on pastry?

finlight, May 23, 9:05am
because its yummy and sometimes I just want a pie :)

sampa, Jul 16, 2:57am
Yes, sometimes in life we just need a nice pie. :)

Try these outlets in your area -

Hardy's Healthy Living
37 Horomatangi St, Taupo

Bin Inn Taupo
Lower Spa Rd, Taupo

Pak N Save Taupo
Ruapahu St, Taupo

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