Marrow Recipes

frances1266, Feb 12, 2:56am
Is marrow time again. Post your marrow recipes here please. I would prefer vegan recipes but can adapt those that arent.

lcl2, Feb 12, 6:33am

bev00, Feb 13, 8:26am
fresh or tinned tomatoes, onions and marrow chopped into a pot. Add water and tomato paste, salt and pepper. Boil and serve with pasta with grated cheese.
You can add other veggies that you want.

Quotelx4000 (830 ) 8:59 am, Tue 14 Feb #4
we make vegeterian nachos. put some corn chips on plate,cover with chopped onion and grated marrow,chuck on a tin of chilli beans and some graed cheese,nuke for 5 mins, add some sour cream. dinner done.

Quotecabbagefan (2009 ) 4:14 pm, Tue

winnie231, Feb 13, 9:07am
My vegetarian Miss 17 made a great dish while she was home for the summer hols .
she made a delicious vege curry (we actually had this a couple of times with both Indian & Thai versions) in a pot as per the usual method.
She then sliced marrow into 2 inch rings and scooped the seeds out.
She filled the rings with the curry and baked in an oven dish, covered with foil at 180C for 1 hour or until the marrow was cooked/soft.
Served on a bed of rice - delicious!

beaker59, Feb 13, 11:32pm
Best marrow advice I ever got from my grandma was pick them before they get that big.

bev00, Feb 14, 9:35am
yummy in soup

bonnie66, Feb 17, 10:04am
I cut my marrow in half, deseed, mix sausage meat with stuffing with an egg, garlic and salt and pepper, coat the inside of the marrow with satay sauce (Bit on the Side I find good) fill the middle with the mixture, put back together if necessary secure with string or toothpicks, wrap in tinfoil and cook in oven on 160 (fan bake) until the marrow is soft depends on size one I did last night was about 3/4 hour for an average size. Slice and have hot or cold in rings. I have also added cooked rice to mixture sometimes if I have some left over.

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