Lemon juice

purplefalcon, Sep 5, 2:33am
Can you keep freshly squeezed lemon juice in the fridge?

245sam, Sep 5, 2:48am
Not sure how long it will last purplefalcon, as I freeze any excess juice rather than leave it in the hope that it will keep. I suggest that you freeze any excess lemon (or other juice) in e.g. ice cube trays. :-))

purplefalcon, Sep 5, 3:16am
Thanks I will freeze it. I love lemon in the morning and in my water so thought of squeezing some rather than doing it daily .

samanya, Sep 5, 5:06am
I think a weeks worth would last in the fridge, but if doing a quantity, I'd freeze it.

rainrain1, Sep 5, 5:52am
Freeze a jolly good fellow

samanya, Sep 5, 6:12am

schnauzer11, Sep 6, 11:24pm
Freeze in ice-cube container, then free-flow into bags.

fifie, Nov 8, 11:47pm
Cut into slices, free flow till frozen then pop into a bag, take one slice out each day add to boiling water for a refreshing drink.

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