Pork Belly

dk33, Jan 4, 6:25am
I love crispy crackling but sometimes the soft, gelatinous texture of braised pork belly is just what I feel like.

jofes, Dec 27, 3:44am
Wanting some ideas on how to cook this

rarogal, Dec 29, 4:48am
I Always do Chelsea's recipe, I've found it the best for me. You'll find lots of different recipes in the thread though. good luck!

pigletnz25, Dec 29, 8:42pm
Ive done Chelsea's recipe several times and its never failed, why bother to do Pork Belly without the crackling thats what its all about, after all not like its cheap to buy. Just follow the recipe, to the letter the first time and you won't fail.

lisa7, May 19, 10:05am
Annabel Langbeins recipe is awesome. Cooked in milk.

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