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murfee, Nov 12, 8:42am
Fellow foodies, I hope you can help. I'm a part time English teacher at a girls secondary school. At the end of the year I try to do a fun project with the girls and make sure they are left with a 'memento' of their year 10 school year. This year we are creating a class recipe book. Every student is producing two pages. One page is an interview type page about them with questions like 'the food I will never tire of eating, or the person who taught me to cook and 6 dinner guests dead or alive I'd like to dine with etc. The other is their signature recipe(s) with photo. One of my talented young students is designing the cover and another has volunteered to do the title lettering, only we don't have a title and to date haven't come up with any great ideas so I thought I'd ask my fellow foodies in this group for suggestions? Love to hear your thoughts

nadineb, Nov 12, 8:53am
Could you use as a title.
The past the present and the future.

madj, Nov 12, 10:01am
"Fellow Foodies - a memento of recipes made with love"

summersunnz, Nov 12, 11:56am
+1 - and include a date for the book, and an index. If selling them, try on trademe too, I've seen similar books listed on here.

rainrain1, Nov 12, 8:54pm
Chat and Dine with Mine
Chat and Dine
Chatter and Dinner

retired, Nov 12, 10:14pm
Cool Cooks
Memory Meals
Dine With Us

june126, Nov 13, 4:20am
English Connoisseur's - A Yr 10 guide to fine dining

murfee, Nov 13, 5:08am
thanks for all the suggestions - I'm sure the girls can work with these :-)

sampa, Nov 13, 6:35am
Back To The Future.

To remind them, several years hence, that cooking is as necessary then as it it is now.

sampa, Nov 13, 6:37am
Sorry. 'now' as in their future.

uli, Jun 30, 3:04am
Or the future is going back to stone age?

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