Recipes using half a tin of condensed milk?

bev00, Jan 30, 10:19am
double the recipe -

his is super easy and yummy. Looks kind of cool too with the bits on the top.
Got it off the recipe site.

Chewy Chocolate Chunk Slice
1c sifted self raising flour
1/2c desiccated coconut
1/2 c brown sugar
1 tin condensed milk
2 T cocoa
125g melted butter
200g chocolate- mix of dark, white, milk-whatever you prefer and 100g mixed nuts, slivered almonds, walnuts, macadamias etc.
I also used dried cranberries.
Preheat oven to 180C, mix together flour, sugar, condensed milk, butter, coconut and cocoa until smooth, pour into lined slice tin or a 22cm square tin. Roughly chop nuts and chocolate press chocolate into base and nuts on top. Bake approx 25-30 mins.
Cool completely in tin do not remove while hot or warm as this will break.

molly37 (203 203 positive feedback) 10:17 pm, Thu 30 Jan #10

floralsun, Jan 31, 2:45am
It freezes well - I put it in a jar - it can be used straight from the freezer as it doesn't freeze hard.
Easy dessert I saw on here some time ago - cook some rice, strain liquid off if needed, while still hot, add a little sweetened condensed milk, and mix in so it melts through the rice - not much is needed. Add some vanilla essence or for contrast, add some lemon juice and some lemon zest.

willyow, Feb 3, 10:03pm
Make a double batch.

battgirl, Feb 3, 11:17pm
Another vote for salad dressing. Add to about 1/3 cup cider vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon mustard powder and shake up for the best salad dressing ever.

Orrrrr. add to some whipped cream and melted white chocolate, stir in some fresh raspberries (or leave them out) and freeze for DELICIOUS rich, creamy ice cream.

anjaok, Feb 9, 12:26am
Hi all,
I made some fudge today that required half a tin of condensed milk. I want to make something else to use up the rest. Does anyone have any ideas? TIA

245sam, Feb 9, 12:36am
A few quick ideas anjaok - uncooked items such as Apricot Slice, Citrus Slice, Lolly Cake or truffles, or salad dressing, or baked items such as Caramel Crumble which is similar to Tan Slice, Chocolate Chip Biscuits. Recipes for all these items can be found here on the Recipes MB as can other recipes and ideas for using sweetened condensed milk - try using condensed milk as the Keywords and Last year as the Date posted option.

Hope that helps. :-))

agave1, Feb 9, 12:56am
fold the 1/2 cup of condensed milk into 1 cup of whipped cream and add a bit of vanilla essence = creamy icecream! Try it, it works.

ngacooky, Feb 9, 2:04am
lolly cake :-)

lcl2, Feb 9, 5:19am
Mix the condensed milk with 1 egg and pour over a biscuit base, bake at 180 until set. You could add some cocoa if you wanted to make it a chocolate slice, very yummy

raej2, Feb 9, 5:40am
Cafe stlye chocolate chip biscuts
180gms butter
1/3 cup castor sugar - cream
Add 1/2 tin condensed milk - beat
1 ans 1/2 cups selfraising flour
Chocolate chips 1/2 pkt
Tb drops on baking paper - flatten with fork - cook 180 10 -15 minutes

vomo2, Feb 9, 8:01am
I use it up by making salad dressing by combining the milk with vinegar to taste. Keeps for ages in the fridge.

sugarplum1, Feb 9, 8:15am
Method: walk past fridge, insert teaspoon into tin of condensed milk, scoff at lightening speed so nobody catches you. Blame other family members for decreasing level of condensed milk.

kassie48, Feb 9, 9:34am
Put in a bowl, add enough coconut to mix, add sultanas (opt) & few drops of Vanilla Essence.
Put in small drops on tray & bake 10 -15 mins (approx) @ 160.

Can freeze.

maynard9, Feb 9, 5:22pm
Hilarious. -
. Have you set up a camera in my kitchen. Hubby used to blame the sons. Now that they both live overseas it is very obvious who it used to be - and still is!

socram, Feb 9, 8:57pm
LOL. Reminds me of the day when I was doing some renovation work on daughter's house. Scrabbling under 8 year old number one grandson's bed, was a hidden tin of golden syrup and a tea spoon.

bluebell42, Mar 30, 1:04am
The little man that turns the light on in the fridge is the culprit!

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