What is nicest way to cook roast Pork

omaria, May 5, 8:10pm
In a crock pot, oven bag, panroast? How long to cook it. Also how to make the crackle really crackle. Would love to hear some favourite recipes.
I know lots of recipes on google but like to hear favorites from those who tried them all :)

smallwoods, May 5, 8:16pm
In the crock pot, but remove the skin to crackle later.
Too moist if cooked at the same time, to crackle later.
I like the taste of pork, so don't add much , just salt and a bit of pepper.
Put it on in the morning before work and ready, after roasting veges at tea time.

rainrain1, May 5, 8:53pm
I roast mine, then once cooked place the meat higher in the oven and grill the top, you have to watch it though. easiest way, and I get good crackling always

omaria, May 5, 8:57pm
THanks to you both , what do you add for flavouring?

rainrain1, May 5, 9:03pm
Rub salt in the cracks with a bit of oil. my mother always used malt vinegar and salt,

sarahb5, May 5, 9:57pm
Pour boiling water over the scored fat - makes the fat rise and crackle better. - then rub with salt and a touch of oil. Into the oven on a high heat, turn it down once it's crackled and cover with foil until it's cooked. Remove crackle and return to the hot oven while you rest the meat before carving.

sarahb5, May 5, 9:59pm
I don't add anything to flavour pork - I like to taste the actual meat which has plenty of flavour.

cgvl, May 5, 10:08pm
I roast mine in a slowish oven. Rub salt into the skin which I score again as the butcher often doesn't do it in small enough pieces for me.
I then have a spice mix which I rub into the meat (not skin) for flavour. I find a lot of the pork we get these days has little to no flavour.
Mix is cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger with some salt. I make it up in a container so equal quantities of each.
If doing in an oven bag add a tin of apples. Will help keep it moist too.

awoftam, May 6, 2:14am
I just grind some fennel seeds and rub this into the meat with light olive oil and salt. For a 3 kilo piece I put it in an over at 250c for 30 mins (this gets the crackle off to a good start) then turn oven down to 130c and roast it for 6 hours. I put some wine and stock into the pan and as the roast slowly cooks it drips its juices into the pan and gives you the most amazing gravy base!

jhan, May 6, 10:07am
I put mine in on 220 degrees for 30 minutes then turn it down to 150 in a roasting pan with no lid. I had scored the fat and rubbed salt and oil into it before putting it in the oven. 45 minutes per 500gms so a 2kg roast will take 3 hours total time.

beaker59, May 6, 10:40pm
Nicest roast pork is a shoulder roast (Leg roasts are too dry IMO) cooked for 4 hours over charcoal in a Weber Kettle BBQ.


skydancing, May 7, 12:29am
Try taking the meat out of the fridge for an hour before cooking. It helps with the crackling process. just pat dry, rub salt into skin, little oil and have oven really high for 1/2 hour then cook slowly rest of time. Make sure you rest the roast when it is cooked before carving.

awoftam, May 7, 3:47am
Yip I agree re the shoulder cut (i always use this cut) and the slow cooking time (I usually do about 6 hours). Meat pulls apart with a fork and just melts in your mouth.

mjhdeal, May 7, 4:10am
I do pork-shoulder for six hours too (I follow the Jamie Oliver instructions). Oh Lordie, the crackling is amazing!

Anyone have advice about what to do with a leg roast? I bought one on special and put it in the freezer. I assumed it would be the same as a shoulder, but I guess not.

fruitbat, May 7, 4:22am
Good crackling. Apparently the pork skin should be well scored with a sharp knife, but don't go as deep as the meat. Make sure the skin is DRY, very dry. Pat it down with a T towel or paper towel. Then rub salt into the skin with some olive oil. Place in a very hot open for 30 minutes till the skin starts to pop. then lower the temperature to about 150 for how ever long till it falls apart. At the end you can carefully grill the crackle a wee bit if it hasn't come up to your expectations. Don't take your eye off it. It can burn in a second.

rainrain1, May 7, 4:31am
Have some friends over for a roast, two veg, roast and mashed potato and home made gravy. Whoops, near forgot the apple sauce

paddypf, May 7, 10:10am
Agree 100% but I don't cook mine that long I find 3hrs usually does it unless it is a really big roast

mkbooks, May 9, 3:59am
Butcher told me to remove the crackle-score fairly deeply, then replace over meat. Turn oven up really hot-about 220*C for about 15 mins before putting it into the oven. Cook for about 15 mins, then turn oven down to about 150*C
+ cook for around an hour-hour + half. This butcher boned the meat for me, + rolled it around my kumara-ginger-onion stuffing-it was great!

karlymouse, Aug 13, 10:57am
Well IMO if you cook in a crock pot its not Roasted Pork. if you want roasted pork you need to put in an oven. Shoulder is a good roast, has plenty of fat around the meat to keep it moist. don't use an oven bag as you will steam it rather than roast.

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