Stress free Xmas cake

vomo2, Jan 1, 10:06pm
I was given an Ernest Adams uniced xmas cake. So I put a thin spread of jam and then a layer of almond icing and a brandy butter icing on it. Its absolutely delicious and totally no stress involved. Ive usually cooked the cake but working right up til Christmas meant any spare time after chores was used by sleeping.

fifie, Jan 1, 10:54pm
Sounds yummy, love brandy butter icing, good for you one less thing to worry about. I'm all for being stress free when your busy in the silly season.

lilyfield, Jan 1, 11:25pm
cook you cake at labour weekend, also stress free

sarahb5, Jan 2, 12:15am
Mine arrives in a tin by air mail from Texas - even more stress free. If it didn't I wouldn't make one as we don't like it and don't eat the one we get but it is handy when you need to take a plate - everyone loves it except us. Save the brandy butter for the mince pies.

ry5, Jan 6, 2:54am
I found a recipe on Facebook for a 3 ingredient Christmas cake & it's actually quite good! You soak 1 kg of fruit in 750 ml of iced coffee (I used the carton stuff from the supermarket) for 24 hrs, then add 2 cups SR flour and bake at 150 deg for 1 hour. Once this one is all eaten I plan to make another one and maybe add some mixed spice as well. I can highly recommend this recipe - it shouldn't work, but it does.

cleggyboy, Jan 6, 3:24am
The fruit ginger ale one in the Edmonds cook book will do me. The only one that does not give me indigestion.

lilyfield, Jan 6, 3:30am
or soak in cold tea- or apple juice -or orange juice-

sarahb5, Feb 9, 8:46am
I have a similar one that uses orange juice or black tea without milk

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