Help with bland soup

skydancing, Apr 14, 10:59pm
Help! I made a huge pot of potato, leek and celery soup cooked in chicken stock that is definitely lacking in flavour now it has been pureed. Can I reheat and add thyme leaves to it to boost it or do you have other great suggestions. Thanks in advance.

catlover28, Apr 14, 11:12pm
Was it chicken stock from a boiled chicken of a stock cube? Because cubes are saltier and help flavour wise.

whitehead., Apr 14, 11:16pm
did you use your celery leaves they add a lot of flavor and always make my own stock soup takes quite a lot of pepper as well i use fresh ground and a turnip is always good in soup

fifie, Apr 14, 11:54pm
Sounds like it needs more seasoning, or some coriander, try serving with some grated parmasan cheese on top. Next time try sauteing leeks potatoes,chopped bacon, celery, add a pinch curry powder before adding stock for more flavour.

245sam, Apr 14, 11:56pm
skydancing, do you like and do you have any blue cheese? If so, add some blue cheese to your soup - either to the bulk lot or serve the cheese with the soup so that everyone can add the cheese to their soup according to their own tastes. We enjoy blue cheese in/with potato and leek, cauliflower, broccoli soups and occasionally, for a change, a little with mushroom soup too.

Hope that helps. :-))

skydancing, Apr 15, 12:04am
great ideas and thanks everyone. I have ladled a small amount in to a smaller pot, added some nutmeg, black pepper and have some chopped up crispy bacon pieces and chopped parsley to put on top. Hopefully that will help.

Yes I like blue cheese but none available at the moment. must remember that one.

thanks everyone.

sophie98, Apr 15, 12:08am
Are you sure it has enough salt in it. Can change the flavour quite a bit.

buzzy110, Apr 15, 1:34am
Potatoes, in particular, require salt.

davidt4, Apr 15, 1:50am
Try adding salt, little by little and keep tasting. You will know when it is properly seasoned as the flavours will come to life. Fresh lemon juice will also bring a vege soup to life but add just before serving to keep the freshness.

ritebuy, Apr 15, 2:10am
Tumeric will make a great difference and chopped Italian parsley, Apr 16, 8:18am
I believe I have the answer to that very question as my friend and I were talking about it recently. The reason she won't make soup at home is because she thinks it always lacks flavour. I make soup regularly and have the same problem at times and mucked around with a few things and came up with 'umami' the savoury taste. If all else fails, try a bit of soy sauce, it really works, just add a tablespoon at a time and taste.
I had a soup like that recently and I added chicken stock cube, no difference, worcestershire sauce, no difference, added a bit of soy and voila it did the trick. Of course sometime I like to add lots of lemon juice and fresh herbs but is not always appropriate for the type of soup I am making. Onions fried off for 15-20 mins sometimes helps too as it adds that lovely savoury taste.

mjhdeal, Apr 16, 6:04pm
Do you just use the celery leaves in the stock, or do you add them to the soup itself?

mjhdeal, Apr 16, 9:54pm
Cool, thanks. I have a head of celery leaves which I was wondering what to do with, as usually add it to my stock, have loads of stock at the moment. perfect soup weather anyway :)

tjman, Apr 16, 11:57pm
You could add garlic crutons, and some bacon.
Did you use onion aswell?

esther-anne, Apr 17, 12:41am
That's a good point (about the onion) we do love onions and I think savoury things without onion lack flavour. And I like the garlic crouton idea - and love the bacon - crispy pancetta would be yum too!

patsprat, Apr 18, 5:29am
Village Green mentioned the 'umami' factor - I have found that a little sachet of miso soup paste adds a definite boost to soups and casseroles when you think the flavour is a bit light. You can buy packets of miso paste in the supermarket or at Asian stores, they're great for all sorts of things and of course just as a savoury soup instead of tea or coffee anytime. Best thing I've discovered in ages!

paora-tm, Apr 18, 5:43am
I would add a packet of Maggi Leek & Potato soup.

trigal1, Apr 18, 12:33pm
Along the lines of the soy sauce suggestion, I add Tamari to anything (savoury) that needs a flavour boost. It's nicer than Soy Sauce in my opinion. I use it in omelettes, guacamole, soups, casseroles.

skydancing, Apr 19, 12:28am
Wow some fantastic suggestions so thank you very much everyone. Unfortuntely the birds got to eat the soup in the end but now I know exactly what to do next time. Just off to read the soups thread.

Once again a big thank you all.

stefanie, Oct 1, 5:01pm
For me it would be liquid Maggi and/or aromat.

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