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janeny1, Jun 9, 5:41am
i can't resist looking in the book section when op shopping. I found Meals without red meat, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes by Simon and Alison Holst. We are having Moroccan chicken tonight, not from a sachet but making a paste and coating the chicken, then baking in the oven,, smells delicious. The book only cost me $2.and is a great companion to Meals without meat as we like a vegetarian meal occasionally

fifie, Jun 9, 5:50am
Good score, sounds like one i need as i like to go meat free couple times a week. Enjoy your new recipes.

awoftam, Jun 9, 6:30am
Yip you can find some real gems - I love fossicking about in the book section of ye olde shoppes lol. There is something about paper - I could never go fully online. I do love turning the pages of a book. Back and forth back and forth.

kirmag, Jun 9, 7:07am
Simon n Alison's ultimate vegetarian cookbook is awesome if you ever come across that in a 2ndhand store. Will just google the proper name for you tho.

kirmag, Jun 9, 7:08am

cardiffgirl, Jun 9, 5:53pm
Great book. I use it often

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