Annabell Langbein's Cheesy Scones

Chef_campmother2002, May 9, 1:52 am
Yesterday on Newstalk ZB (I think) she gave out a Recipe for the above and the ingredients were SR Flour, Greek Yoghurt and Tasty Cheese. I wrote down the quantities as. 2 & half cups of SR Flour, 2 cups Greek Unsweetened Yogurt and 2 & half cups Grated Cheese. did I get the quantities right? TIA

Chef_jaygee1962, May 9, 3:57 am
Don't know but sounds nice. Hopefully someone else heard and can help. I googled but came up with a bazillion other AL scone recipes.

Chef_pogram0, May 9, 6:19 am
Go to their website and select On Demand. From there chose the day and then time the segment was broadcast and you can hear a replay of the segment. Alternatively, I am sure Newstalk zb have a recipes link on their website if you look around for it and it will likely be on there.

Chef_fifie, May 9, 6:57 am
Sometimes they are a bit slack at loading recipes up it should appear, but often it takes time. If its in her new book may not be on web, as she will be wanting book sales.

Chef_majurti, May 10, 1:40 am
The recipe is in her latest book Winter Goodness and yes you have written it down correctly. Preheat the oven to 200C fanbake and bake for 15-20 mins.Use the 2 cups of cheese and sprinkle remaining 1/2 cup on top. Makes 12. Hope this helps .

Chef_campmother2002, May 10, 3:02 am
Thanks majurti - That's great, was fumbling for something to write on and trying to remember the quantities. I did look On-Line but as you said it's in her new book and not available On-Line at present.
I bought the Greek Yoghurt yesterday so can make them over the weekend.

Chef_motorbo, May 10, 5:47 am
oh that recipe looks good, I used to make a yogurt pizza dough and think of ease of use I prefer it over the old fashioned yeast recipe

Chef_jaygee1962, May 10, 10:07 am
Thanks majurti, I'll try that for my Sunday scones :)

Chef_dianavan, May 12, 6:08 am
I made these tonight.I partly heard the receipt whilst drivING home.they have a texture more likePotato scones. They were a hit.

Chef_trouser, May 14, 9:55 pm
Made two batches of these. I made them with 2 cups of each ingredient. They were great.

500gm of greek yoghurt = 2 cups.

Chef_rainrain1, May 15, 1:15 am
They didn't impress me none, they lacked flavour

Chef_fifie, May 15, 1:54 am
All good cheese scones should have cayenne pepper in them to release the cheese flavour according to ministry of food, looks like annabel has missed this.

Chef_buzzy110, May 15, 1:58 am
Probably because the recipe also lacked salt. All that flour and no salt. Blerk.

Chef_rainrain1, May 15, 4:45 am
yes and yes

Chef_angel361, May 15, 5:01 am
motorbo - could you please post the yoghurt pizza dough recipie? Thanks

Chef_trouser, May 15, 8:56 am
What cheese were ypu using? I used 1 1/2 cups mainland tasty and 1/2 cup parmesan. Well packed cups too. No one likes a stingy cook.

Chef_rainrain1, Jul 31, 10:47 am
You would no doubt make the best ones then

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