Pie Maker

My friend has one and raves about it. anyone here got one and is it an "often used" item. Thanks

Chef_neil_di, Mar 4, 5:30 pm

I gave mine away.

Chef_kaddiew, Mar 4, 6:04 pm

Me too!
It made ok pies but with a family of four it took a long time to cook enough pies to feed everyone, even making four at a time.
The pastry was never as puffy as what you would cook in the oven either.
It became another unused gadget.
Maybe your friend will let you borrow hers and you could give it a go.

Chef_pamellie, Mar 4, 6:54 pm

We love ours, and use it quite a bit in winter, great for using up left over casseroles. Also a pretty quick tea. We have a four pie maker which I recommend. It roughly takes about 8 mins to cook a batch.
We use left over chilli, curries, bacon and egg pies are easy to whip up. Have made quiches, and apple pies. Also have frozen the cooked pies, which worked really well.
I would replace ours if it died :-)

Chef_ruby19, Mar 4, 7:11 pm

I found the same with the pastry, plus they turned out like tiny upside down sunhats, with a big "brim" and very little room for filling. Too fiddly and not worth the effort, for me. It just took up cupboard space, so out it went.

Chef_kaddiew, Mar 4, 8:47 pm

I love mine too - but tend you use either bread or wraps rather than pastry.
Fab in the winter with left overs in.
Wouldn't be without ours

Chef_maynard9, Mar 4, 9:25 pm

I use bread too . I use it more like a toastie machine, when I actually use it. Far prefer pastry cooked in the oven.

Chef_samanya, Mar 4, 10:05 pm

Maybe the use of the term 'pie' is a bit self limiting. There are recipes and pics out there of muffins, frittatas, baked/poached eggs all made using pie makers which kind of makes me wonder. How many other things could be cooked in one? They do have the advantage of being quick and more economical than turning on the oven for a quick snack type meal. I'm thinking tortilla stacks, maybe small 'quick breads' like corn bread? That would be great with soup in winter or a simple salad type meal in summer.

Okay, I've convinced myself. off to pull it out of the back of the cupboard and see what I can whip up in the poor neglected thing. :) If anyone has any further ideas for slightly offbeat stuff to try in them please share. keeps things interesting. :)

Chef_sampa, Mar 4, 11:04 pm

Mine was super cheap from the warehouse. The pies are tiny and you barely fit anything in them, however the pastry is deliciously crisp and it only takes 6 minutes. As a family of five, I would half cook them, and freeze so they are all made up an ready to go. Could finish in the oven if you wanted.

Chef_wendalls, Mar 5, 12:51 am

Yes, I should get mine out for kids afternoon teas. Cheese, spaghetti, bacon. But then we have a four toastie maker so why not just use that.

Chef_wendalls, Mar 5, 12:53 am

I too gave mine away I found it was quicker to go to the local per shop and buy my pies from there. As others have said the pastry was not that good. Personally I found it a waste of time and money bt then there are others who would disagree.

Chef_14you, Mar 5, 1:03 am

there is a model put out which makes 4 normal size pies now

Chef_mothergoose_nz, Mar 5, 1:03 am

I make mini pies in a muffin tray - heaps quicker than making a large pie and can fit a surprising amount of filling in them. Great for school lunches too. I imagine a pie maker would sit in the back of my cupboard, collecting dust, right beside the burger patty maker.

Chef_hd07, Mar 5, 2:52 am

I have a Family size pie maker. Since I got it Ive never used the individual pie maker.
MrP loves bacon and egg pies, and Blackberry and Apple pies. .soo much easier to make them in the pie maker than having to fluff around and use the big oven

Chef_popeye333, Mar 7, 4:23 am

pie dish(es), oven

easy . one less bit of kitchen clutter

Chef_illusion_, Mar 8, 12:42 am

I love mine it the best I cook with it 2 to 3 times a week

Chef_flagstone, Jan 9, 6:06 pm