Kitchen re-tooling

Chef_terraalba, Feb 18, 10:09 pm
I guess this does happen to some people so some might respond from experience.

Supposing a chance to re-equip the kitchen from scratch occurred, what would you include in yours for the hand tools, gadgets and small appliances. Say the top ten things.

Chef_nzhel, Feb 18, 10:20 pm
Eggbeater, wooden spoon, tongs, whisk, tin opener, potato peeler, bowl scraper, turner, flour sifter, measuring cups, measuring spoons. thats 11 and could add more!

Chef_lythande1, Feb 19, 12:30 am
Proper knife. Stone for knife.
Cast iron pan.
Stainless steel pots with metal handles.
Glass casserole dish.
The usual utensils as above.
measuring cup/scales.
My pasta machine and it's board.
My food processor.
My mouli.

Chef_cgvl, Feb 19, 12:43 am
If I could start again.
Kitchen Aid
Food Processor (one that comes in 2 sizes)
Set of really good chef knives
Coffee machine
Grater and micro planer
Set of baking tins and loaf tins in different sizes
Good quality kitchen scales
set of stainless steel sifters (that not there name but I can't remember what you call them.
Then all those little things like measuring cups, spoons and the pyrex cups, dishes etc.
A set of smaller (cup size) bakeware for making individual creme brulee's etc.

Chef_valentino, Feb 19, 10:32 pm
Hint is firstly to know what your main line of cooking or baking etc is then build accordingly to those needs.
E.G. Frying comes in Stir frying, pan frying, Deep frying, shallow frying, omelette use, plus a few other light fryings and heavier fryings, then you look at pans to suit plus their utensils and this is only one small area. A normal fry pan plus an Electric frypan for starters then wondering if you need an electric or standard Wok.
Best to make a list of what you mostly do and wanting or need to do then list what is required and perhaps some items can double up their use elsewhere.

Hopes this helps, Cheers.

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 20, 4:03 am
The basics for me according to my cooking skills, can't stand unnecessary gadgets

Chef_terraalba, Feb 20, 9:33 am
I purchased my first new item on the lists above which have given me a few ideas (many thanks for your ideas). It was a small frying pan that has a handle I can place safely in the oven like Lythande1 suggested it has a metal handle. As cgvl suggested, I also purchased a micro planer. The kind of stuff I am cooking these days seems to need a few of these innovative items. I also liked the idea of a food processor that has two sizes. At the moment I have a large food processor and a small one and it does seem a good idea to have a single processor for small and for large quantities. Still got quite a few things to get. I am trying to streamline and update.

Chef_punkinthefirst, Feb 21, 2:31 am
Good cook's knife (expensive), good vege knife (cheap at Mitre 10), cast iron frying pan, good chopping board. good solid saucepans, a couple of SS Bowls, grater, whisk, rubber spatula, wooden spoon, roasting dish, bread knife.
To which I'd add later: food processor, casserole dishes, microwave, slow cooker,
then other things as needed such as various cake tins, biscuit cutters, rolling pins, etc., etc. The list could be endless!

Chef_duckmoon, Feb 5, 4:14 pm
i have pondered this question - when we were thinking about going overseas with two suitcases each (planning to set up in one city in the central Europe - rather than going travelling).

my big le crueset - my only regret, I didn't pay it 10 years earlier
wooden spoon
good knife (small)
good knife (serrated)
good knife (bread knife)
fish slice
potato peeler
good cutlery
splades (combinate of spoon and fork) - we use them often
great wine glasses
great tumbler
electric frying pan
roasting dish
measuring cup
stick blender
kenwood chef
tupperware microwave container (would buy one at full price, but hubby purchased one for $20 from a garage sale, RRP $149)
purex mixing bowl/jug

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