Denheath Custard Squares recipe with cream cheese

svx1, Mar 19, 7:07am
Hi I am looking for the recipe which was on here ages ago and it had cream cheese in the mix it was stunning would love to make again. thanks

eljayv, Mar 19, 8:25pm
I saw one with sour cream is this the one you mean?

svx1, Mar 19, 9:58pm
Hi I don't remember sour cream in it but thanks.cheers

245sam, Mar 19, 11:57pm
This recipe svx1?

"Custard Squares similar to denheaths
In a pot heat slowly 1 1/2c of milk, 1 1/2c cream and 100g of butter. Whisk together in a bowl, 4 heaped Tblsp of cornflour, 3 dsp icing sugar, 2 eggs, 1 capful of vanilla ess. & 1 cup of cream. When first measure of milk and butter has melted pour in the remaining mixture and bring to the boil very slowly whisking frequently. Into this mixture I add half a tub of cream cheese. Frequent whisking mixes the cream cheese so there are no lumps, cook until the custard is thick – cool for about an hour. Cook 2 sheets of (pricked with a fork all over) pre rolled pastry – as I said I will now use sweet crust pastry. Cook as per instructions on back of packet. When pastry is cooled I cut it to fit my square Tupperware container, put one layer of pastry in container pour over custard, pop other pastry layer on top and ice with normal icing and sprinkle with coconut. It does take time but the slaving over the stove is worth it! Hope you enjoy as much as we do! I do wonder if beating the custard with the cake mixer while it is cooling would make it fluffier? Posted By graebalz"

Hope that's the one you're wanting. :-))

svx1, Dec 11, 12:41am
Yes ,Yes. oh thanks a million! Much appreciated thanks for being so helpful cheers

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