Making Your Own Coconut Yoghurt

mumstu, Aug 4, 4:51am
I regularly make my own coconut yogurt using coconut cream and probiotic capsules.

Has anyone made their own using probiotic powder? which brand and how much do you need to use?

vmax2, Aug 4, 5:10am
Can you tell me how to make it please.

uli, Aug 4, 5:46am
I tried it with a recipe from the "Petite Kitchen".

Didn't like it at all. It tastes not like "yoghurt" as we know it, and often doesn't work out that well.

Have a look at the comments here:

autumnwinds, Aug 4, 8:48am
I use that recipe and it's fine, using Kara coconut cream in the pack, not the can. I bring the cream to a simmer, then use a thermometer to bring it back to 37 degrees, then add the capsules.

OP, sorry, I don't know how you'd make the powder, and I'd suspect it would be safer to buy the capsules as it'd be quite a process to make, anyway, with the chance of contamination.

mumstu, Jan 21, 5:56pm
I make it like autumnwinds. I make it with the biggest box (about 1litre from memory? ) I add 12 probiotic capsules for that amount and it works well. I just find that the capsules vary in price and am not sure if all the brands have the same strains of probiotics that you need.

I thought maybe a powder would be easier to use?

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