Pressure cookers

uli, Dec 31, 10:40pm
Pro: cooks very fast
Con: meat tastes terrible

I have a slow cooker and a pressure cooker and I did not use it in 10 years now LOL- slow cooking is so much tastier!

samanya, Dec 31, 10:40pm
I have both, but can't use the old one on my induction hob so through Fly Buys I got a 'fast/slow' cooker & love it. I like the saute function to brown meat & it has steam & slow cook options, which I haven't used. It's reasonably compact so doesn't take up much space.
The stove top type can also be used for searing but unless the modern ones have a timer function, you'd have to stand over it, whereas the electric one has the timer.
They save a lot of time using the pressure function & especially valuable for the cuts of meat that need long slow cooking. I don't use it for vegetables.
Hope that helps.

huggy5, Dec 31, 10:44pm
I prefer the pressure cooker to the slow cooker, it seems to retain separated flavours better. I have one of those combination electric ones like the poster above.
I do a chilli in 20mins that would take a couple of hours on the stove.

samanya, Dec 31, 10:54pm
Could you elaborate on why you think the meat tastes terrible?
I have never found this.

melford, Jan 1, 12:59am
I love my pressure cooker because cooking time is so fast and the meat gets so tender. I use more in the winter than summer though.

buzzy110, Jan 1, 1:00am
This is your opinion and you do not have to justify it. No need to talk to any poster who is just interested in picking fights or nit pick.

It has been a long time since I used a pressure cooker. I used to use it to cook the dog's food. I was sorely tempted to buy one from Harvey Normal on the 26th as it was as cheap as and had a fantastic lid locking system but in the end I remembered that my pots are all semi-pressure and cook long slow meats in only an hour and produce a more intense flavour. I need that hour to prepare the vegetables, set the table, make sauces and other stuff, like pre-dinner clean up and pouring a drink so decided against it. I'd get one otherwise, especially for making fish stock from fish heads, etc, when camping. It would keep the flies away I think.

samanya, Jan 1, 1:34am
FYI it is usual for an opinion to be backed up by facts/reasons . that's how most of us learn, with a few exceptions.
I object to your assumption that I was here to nit pick or fight!

I'll wish you the very best of seasons greetings, once again, as you appear to have missed my best wishes the first time I offered them.

coralsnake, Jan 1, 1:49am
I bought a digital model [110v] from the States with me several years ago which I have since replaced when they came on the NZ market.
I still use both but use the stove top model a lot for making soups.

Was lucky that stove top model came with two sized bottoms.

stretchedart, May 22, 6:16pm
Electric or stove top? I see them all using them on master chef/ mkr etc etc. how long do they reduce cooking time by than usual cooking methods? Pros and cons please :-) thanks

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