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dbab, Jan 11, 11:04pm
Have just bought one of these. Anyone have any recipes that have worked really well, that they'd like to share? I've had a look at the recipes in the book, but it's always nice to get feedback from people who have tried them.

neil_di, Jan 13, 10:46pm
You can use it for almost everything that you bake in a regular oven. . pies . . pizzas . . scones. . roasts. . wedges but it is a practice makes perfect appliance. I have had one for years and use it several times a week. You wont regret this purchase! Did it come with a perforated pie dish cos that is so handy. If not scour second hand shops you'll pick one up for $2. . really necessary for small items.

neil_di, Jan 13, 10:47pm
I forgot to mention pork cooks beautifully and the crackling is amazing.

buzzy110, Jan 14, 12:52am
Ah yes. The crackling is amazing. Also does rack of lamb brilliantly. I basically only use mine to do roasts and bake vegetables and even then I still get to use it at least 3 or 4 times a week.

As I don't have a microwave, I also use it to reheat things. Just experiment. Whenever I am faced with something new, I just use my intelligence, work out which is the best way to cook or reheat something and do it that way. The way I do things will probably be completely different to anyone else'.

Oh by the way, oven bags and baking paper are my best friends.

That is the best advice I can give.

dbab, Jan 14, 1:09am
Cooked pork chops with a barbecue sauce from the recipe book last night. they were very tasty and didn't dry out as pork chops tend to. Will definitely be trying a lot more recipes from there.

nauru, Jan 14, 1:45am
I have had one of these ovens for over 10 years and use it most days. I never use my main oven anymore as there is just the two of us. You can cook and bake everything in it. It cooks much quicker than a conventional oven and I cook most things at a lower temperature too.

lindylambchops1, Jan 9, 3:49pm
Buzzy I would love to know more about these cookers. I am contemplating buying one to eliminate the use of any oil or fats in my cooking/baking/roasting. Does it have a decent recipe book with it? What kinds of things do you cook in it? We prefer vegetables slightly crispy rather than well done. Do you have to cook each item separately meat first, then veg? or can you cook them altogether? What brand do you have? Seems to be a few on the market which vastly range in price. Look forward to your response. Many thanks.

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