when ya cream , butter and sugar together?

575v8, May 2, 5:47am
how long does it normally take and do u do it untill you see no sing of sugar.

kimkat1, May 2, 5:49am
I just do it till it is pale in colour and creamy looking, 3 mins or so... .

patricia43, May 2, 5:52am
Just make sure the butter is soft first, but not runny, otherwise it doesn't fluff up so well. It'll still work though.

52many, May 2, 6:27am
More beating, chef, is what I was taught. Just when you think it's enough, beat it more. Especially in "sweet" receipes. It should be pale in colour, fluffy and not so sugary... .

jaxma, May 2, 6:32am
The more it is beaten and the creamier it is, the "shorter" the resultant product is :-)

cookessentials, May 2, 6:37am
Ceaming butter and sugar will not dissolve the sugar. You cream until pale and fluffy. Never melt your butter, just soften it. Often you can chop it and dd the sugar and sit the bowl into a bowl with hot water to help soften the butter a little.

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