Fried Bread:

porsche9, May 2, 1:22am
Hi, could someone please tell me how to cook it. I love the fried bread that is a nice golden brown colour and holey inside not dense like fried scones. Thank you would be happy to know how its done as I seem to not get it right.

mike1364, May 2, 2:04am
Try cooking in deepfryer as hot as you can

margyr, May 2, 2:07am
here is from an old thread; Fried bread, 2 teaspoons of b powder to one cup flour, add salt 1/3tspoon, or a pinch. Make a well in the middle, add water, continue to blend, while adding water, till the mixture is wet, but keep adding flour so it comes away from the bowl. Clean your bowl out, and place on a floured bench, knead the dough, and bring the side's to the middle, moving your dough evenly on the bench. Keep adding flour, so dough is not sticking to the bench, but not to much, so it wont dry out, or get lumps in it. knead for about ten min, until nicely shaped like a ball. You can use a rolling pin, or just just use the back of your knuckles. Don't flatten out to much, you want them to rise, as thick as the side of your finger, i m sure will be fine, and always fry when the fat is hot. Oil is okay to use, just chuck a flake of flour in, to see if it's hot enough, but keep watching them, so they don't burn, and turn it down, if your not in control. Fry till golden brown, I can give you another recipe to make takako, without b powder, you cook it in the oven, and one using sure to rise, (yeast). I check back with and see how you got on with this one. Good Luck
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Since its your first time, i think you should use self raising, you can't go wrong then, chow for now
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cookessentials, May 2, 7:04am
The only fried bread ofr me 9 and I have not had it in years) is the one Mum used to do when she did a cooked breakfast. The bread was always sliced into triangles with the crust removed and was added to the hot remaining bacon fat after the bacon had been cooked. The bacon fat gives you the taste.

nahzee, May 2, 7:09am

tulip280880, May 2, 7:12am
... Takakau (without B. P) is yummy! I make it every week...

lucy-and-ricky, May 2, 7:14am
I made some for the first time last week at my Nans tangi, it was a huge hit!

Going to try out a smaller batch tomorrow, will let you know my progress and the recipe, if its successful.

It was yeast based, soft and not too brown or crispy on the outside. Clouds of heaven! Apparently you can use the same recipe/dough for a variation of rewena.

talent.scout, May 2, 8:55am
the ones that are 'holey inside'... . as you say... are not the real deal... ... those ones are made with yeast... ... blerk. Gimmee the traditional doughy marae style fried scone bread any day... .

korbo, May 2, 7:23pm
years ago i worked in the kitchen at local maori girls college. last friday in month was fried bread and golden syrup, after lunch we made a scone dough, cut into 2inch squares, and had to use my thumb to make an indent inthe middle, deep fried, and then the girls had bowls of golden syrup to pour/dip them in. They dont do it now, for obvious health reasons, but now and then my family crave for them. I love em.
in fact feel like them now... . .

lucy-and-ricky, May 3, 6:56am
Success! Recipe worked well, a huge pile of fluffy frybread in my kitchen right now.


3 Cups warm water, 3 Tbs dried yeast, 3 Tbs sugar
then when yeast has a nice frothy head, add to:
5 Cups flour, 5 Tbs Sugar

Knead and cut, fry in oil.

Delicious, soft, puffy as heck and golden brown, no crispy shell.

zodiacgal, May 3, 9:09am
That sounds YUMMMO! Whats the best oil to use for frying please lucy-and-ricky? Many thanks for sharing your recipe. .

rustyvick, May 3, 9:12am
rice bran oil is best for cooking fried bread we cook it every week

rog.e, May 3, 9:17am
Same here. My father was the one who cooked fat slices ofloaf bread in bacon fat for Saturday morning breakfasts along with the eggs, bacon and fried potato. OMG!

fishheadsoup, May 3, 9:43am
Margyr could we please have your other recipies keen to try thanks

lucy-and-ricky, May 3, 10:47am
I used Salad and Cooking oil.

Heres a pic of the pile, that was after I gave 8 bits to the neighbour lol

http://images. jpg

rog.e, May 3, 10:56am
wow - they look suitably delicious!

Pity I am not your neighbour.

margyr, Mar 29, 5:52am
fishheadsoup, it was not my recipe, i did a search in the search box on the left, just typed fried bread, then in the date posted box click on the little arrow and then on anytime, then do search. quite alot there to read.