Salad in a jar

Does anyone have any good recipes for salads in a jar?
Have been intrigued by them for a while. Thanks.

Chef_katalin2, Mar 3, 10:32 am

Just make any salad then put it in a jar

Chef_bosch2006, Mar 3, 11:00 am

Its in the salad recipe message 14 day salad

Chef_slimgym, Mar 3, 4:24 pm

there were some recipes in Healthy Food Guide

Chef_issymae, Mar 3, 9:43 pm

I think there is a little more to it than that, according to what I have been reading on line, what you use and the order you layer it in and when and where you put the dressing all make a difference.
I was hoping there were people who have made it and would be willing to share the recipe. I am after something special for a dinner party.

Chef_katalin2, Mar 3, 9:54 pm

There is a free epub book on net called "salad in a jar". Will try and find link tonight. But from memory basically on the meat and hard veggies in bottom with dressings. Then tomatoes, etc, then greenery , top with a paper towel to soak up any condensation.

Chef_catsmeat1, Mar 3, 11:25 pm

The ebook I gave is called "salads to go" put out by workoutseriescom - if you go to the download page you should find it.

Chef_catsmeat1, Mar 5, 8:49 am

Thanks so much catsmeat1, exactly what I was looking for. Love the sound of the Asian Ginger Salad.

Chef_katalin2, Jan 16, 7:44 am