What are u baking for back to school ?

bev00, Mar 11, 10:13am
real nice muffins
Muesli health muffins

1 cup Yoghurt
½ cup Dried cranberries ( I use fresh blueberries or other fruit )
¾ cup Wholemeal flour
½ cup Plain flour
½ cup Bran flakes
1 tsp Baking soda
1 to dust Icing sugar
1 cup Muesli
½ cup Water, boiling
¼ cup Vegetable oil
¾ cup Brown sugar
1 Egg

• Place muesli in a bowl and pour over boiling water. Set aside for 30 minutes to soak and cool.
• Beat together oil, sugar, egg and yoghurt. Stir in dried cranberries, then combine mixture with the cold, soaked muesli.
• Stir in the flours, bran and baking soda. (At this stage the mixture can be stored in the fridge for up to one week.)
• When ready to cook the muffins, heat the oven to 200 degC. Spray a 12-hole standard muffin tin with oil.
• Spoon mixture into tins and bake for 20 minutes. Dust with icing sugar to serve

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lythande1, Mar 11, 6:59pm
Baking? Why give them sugar for lunch?
Sandwich, cheese, piece of fruit.

sampa, Mar 11, 8:03pm
I would be very tempted to alter the name somewhat in case the kids get asked for an explanation of 'lactation' by their friends at school lol. They could be Vacation Cookies or Luxurious Cookies maybe? Of course if you want a word play you could call them Milky Bar Cookies but that might lead to having to explain why the ingredients don't contain Milky Bars . ;-) Maybe add some white chocolate chips.

cgvl, Mar 11, 10:27pm
my home baking has much less sugar then bought biscuits, cakes and slices and at least I know whats in them.
Made choc chip, sultana, almond biscuits, muesli slice and a decadent choc cake for my birthday of which most was given away. Cake tins now nearly empty again after 3-4 weeks so will need to do more baking. Think will do a small batch of muffins, a slice and 1 or 2 types of biscuits. Will keep us going for a while. Oh and I use half the amount of sugar a recipe states.

hd07, Mar 11, 10:32pm
Baking doesn't always involve sugar. In fact, I very rarely bake sweet things, mostly because I don't have a sweet tooth myself (poor deprived kids). I did make a courgette cake last week, and couldn't believe the amount of sugar that went into it (I actually said to myself 'this is why I don't bake sweet things). When I bake, it's usually savoury - today I'm going to bake some cheese scones for lunch boxes, along with some mini quiches (also for lunch boxes). In saying that, even if baking sweet things, at least you know what's in it (rather than unknown colours/preservatives etc). It's all about moderation really. I'm not anti sugar, because I believe in moderation, rather than abstinence.

crusierman, Jul 19, 9:57pm
I need ideas pleaze :)
So far we have muffins. choc cake. choc chip cookies. peanut brownies.

neville26, Jul 19, 11:45pm
gingerbread or banana loaf mmmmmmmmmmmm

lythande1, Jul 20, 12:28am
Sugar huh.

sarahb5, Jul 20, 1:53am
Kid can have whatever he wants if he makes it - he's 16 and needs the practice. Might make some muffins or cookies for an old friend I just reconnected with who's mum doesn't bake - she is moving to a new place tomorrow

crusierman, Jul 20, 5:15am
did ur mum never teach you the saying.
"If u have nothing nice to say . then say nothing at all! "

cw_jc, Jul 20, 5:28am
My list for tomorrow is chocolate caramel slice, lactation cookies with almonds and chocolate, banana choc chip loaf and something savory. maybe some cheese scones or muffins

sarahb5, Jul 20, 5:47am
Wow - how many kids do you have going back to school?!

mooshiesmum, Jul 20, 6:15am
Have made cheese puffs and popped them in the freezer to take out each morning

http://justamumnz.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/super-quick-easy-cheese-puffs/ and going to bake banana cake tomorrow, but into muffins and freeze too

and cookies - a small batch baked and the rest frozen as love being able to bake fresh cookies in the afternoon


korban, Jul 20, 6:24am
I have made ginger nuts, weetbix slice and a boiled sultana cake

crusierman, Jul 20, 6:25am
I have a 9 year old at school a 3 year old full time at kindy and a hungry shift worker hubby.

cw_jc, Jul 20, 11:24pm
One haha, but two men taking lunches aswell, and I like to freeze some too. I find if I don't bake in bulk I end up having to do more on Wednesday

firemansgirl, Jul 20, 11:56pm
Ummmm. what in the heck are lactation cookies?

cw_jc, Jul 21, 1:13am
Cookies that boost your milk supply when breastfeeding, choc full of chocolate chips, dried fruit, nuts and seeds. The brewers yeast and linseed helps the milk supply. My family loves them so even if I wasn't breast feeding I would still make them

kay34, Jan 2, 8:20am
not for back to school, but did choc chip cookies, sultana cookies, lolly cake and a ginger/apricot slice thing yesterday

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